Day in day out the News Papers blare out the headlines of death and destruction:


Priest found? – Police believe corpse is that of missing churchman Police hold two for priest’s disappearance

Man shot dead at Bull Bay church  altar. 

Murder of businessman jolts Sterling Castle.


Jamaicans continue as if nothing happened. It is the new normal. “a su di ting set”. They have relegated themselves to survival mode, “anything a anything”.

Crime and corruption has literally inundated the country, citizens barricade themselves behind layers of grill-work, separated room from room. They hope the bars will keep the murderers away. They hope it will buy them time, the time it will take for the police to eventually come. If them come at all. those caught outside in a bad situation becomes a chalk outline. The Police come and go through the motions, they create a semblance of professionalism, they erect the crime scene tape, yet curious onlookers breach the tape and contaminate the scene. They wouldn’t leave or obey the police even if they are asked nicely of threatened,  this is Jamaica.

In the end, the blood is washed away the people retreat to their lives , or what obtains as their lives. No one is fooled by the actions of the police, they know they will not arrest anyone for this killing, just like they did not arrest anyone for the one before, or the one before that. It is just for show, the cops do not know what they are looking for , but they put on a show. In the end, no one will be held accountable for this murder, no one ever is.

Some calculate it is safer to bad mouth the police, this puts them in good with the killers. They make the most outlandish statements against those who enforce the laws, they are bound to be safe. Or so they calculate, so they think, pretty soon it will all come crashing down on them, criminals have no honor.


The country meanwhile, leaderless like a ship without a rudder, flounders along battered by the waves of crime ,corruption unemployment, price increases,power-lock-offs, water-lock-offs,and ever escalating prices. The Prime Minister does not want to hear the cries, after all why should she?  Why not leave her alone to be Prime Minister, let her have some peace to plan her next foreign trip?

She doesn’t listen to the news she says. I agree with her, if you have that many fools enamored with you, willing to put you where you do not belong, why would you want to listen to their cries of despair? The tourist board Ad, says “in the Jamaica you know and love nothing’s changed”. It is a feeble attempt to console, the fact that they say nothing’s changed,shows just how much has changed. The Jamaica you knew and loved everything has changed, everything.

This is Jamaica “a yah su nice”.