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Jamaican police officer stands guard
Jamaican police officer stands guard

Jamaica’s premier newspaper the Daily Gleaner since the departure of Oliver Clarke ,has been on a downward spiral. The quality of the Gleaner’s Journalism mirrors the dysfunction and chaos that has become synonymous with present day Jamaica. There seem to be no real attempt to verify stories for journalistic integrity, sensationalism seem to trump proper journalism, as the airwaves have been inundated with filth and mediocrity , it seem the once proud Gleaner has now joined the mad race to the bottom. Even  the readers feedback are manipulated in a parochial small-minded way to suit a narrow political view, go figure, the travesty in all of this is the vast illiteracy which is pervasive within the society.

May 4th Daily Gleaner’s letter of the day :LETTER OF THE DAY – Cops out of control.

On Wednesday, May 2, 2012, I went into the taxi park in Half-Way Tree to take a taxi heading to Three Miles. When the taxi was full with the requisite three passengers, the taxi driver attempted to leave, but there was a policeman standing in the way. Other taxi drivers wanted that space, but the policeman was adamant that they would not get the space, and he told them to “go dung di road, unnu nah get it”. After looking at the taxi I was in, the cop asked the taxi driver if it was a hackney carriage or a route taxi (to my knowledge all taxis on the Three Miles to Half-Way Tree route are classified as hackney carriage) and said something else to the driver. The cab driver started to drive out, and at this point the policeman hit the bonnet of the car and shouted, “Licence and registration, yuh deaf?” The taxi driver continued to drive the car. Another policeman came by and attempted to open the door to take out the key, while the other cop proceeded to clutch his weapon (Some say he actually pulled the weapon, but I did not see that because I was appealing to the driver to stop). At this point, the taxi driver sped off with us screaming and telling him to stop. He eventually said we should come out of the car on reaching the exit of the park, and by the time we got out, he sped off, and one of the young ladies fell in the road.  

Trigger-happy policemen.

It was the mercy of God that the police did not open fire that night, because I know that I would have been shot (because innocent persons are normally victims in clashes between police and taxi operators). When I look back at this incident, I see where I could have been like Vanessa Kirkland. Do the police have the right to pull their weapon in the open when no one is firing at them? Do we want these trigger-happy policemen to protect us? How many more persons will die because of the irrational actions of the police before something is done about them? I am not saying that the taxi driver was right, but he was not disrespectful or threatening in any way to the police, and I do not think that kind of behaviour from the police was warranted.(jamaicagleaner.com)

This is an example of how this once proud newspaper operates now as a dish rag of sensationalism. Not only did they publish this nonsensical piece of garbage , in their infantile mind they went a step beyond by making this nonsense “letter of the day” . Then they went one further, it appeared that all the comments were in support of the police officers so they posted 4 comments and cut off comments. This total lack of understanding  but unrestrained gibberish is not confined to this illiterate woman who wrote it, it is a general feeling which permeates the entire spectrum of Jamaican society. A comprehensive disrespect for the rule of law and those who enforce them. Certainly this is not confined to the total dunce who wrote this.

My friend told me of an experience he had recently at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston. A taxi pulled up to the terminal and stopped in an area where he clearly must have understood he could not park. Not only did they stop but the driver left the car in that restricted area on his return he was in time to see the car being hoisted onto a tow-truck. He confronted the special constabulary officer and demanded that he release the car,that was not enough he got into the face of the police officer, upon which the officer attempted to arrest him.

Of course in Jamaica everyone wants to intervene when cops attempt an arrest, so everyone got involved including the passenger the taxi driver took to the airport. He allegedly grabbed the officer’s hand demanding he release his friend. On the arrival of another cop the passenger ran into the terminal and disappeared , no consequence, no interfering with governmental administration, no prison , he just caught his flight.

Let’s fast forward a little, most of you have travelled from Jamaica through Kennedy International Airport, and you have seen the ICE Agents with the dogs, sniffing prodding, checking, questioning, have you ever seen or heard any of the high and mighty Jamaicans open their mouths to protest?

I will see you next time.

Ps. The morons in Jamaica lambast the police when they speak patios which is the dialect the vast majority of the population understands , yet they are pushing it at the intellectual ghetto. They only have a problem when the police use patios.