IMG_0738City of Poughkeepsie, Population roughly 20,000. Chief Executive, (R)Mayor John Tkazyik.

The City of Poughkeepsie is inviting all property owners who own a property classified as  “411” to explore the option of having the Sanitation Department collect refuse. We would like for you to compare your current sanitation rates with the City of Poughkeepsie’s rates. The cost of refuse pickup will be based on an assessment of the property done by the Department of Public Works. If you would like to set up an appointment please contact DPW at (845) 451-4111.

What the city’s Mayor and Website does not tell you is that these very property owners who own slightly larger Rental properties enjoyed Garbage pickup as a function of the taxes they pay like other City Residents. These Property owners were forced to pay to have garbage from their properties picked up by a Local Garbage company Royal Carting.

That arrangement literally punishes those with a rental property with four or more Rental apartments. It’s a kind of discriminatory punishment of residents who have attained a degree of success. This is nothing new however under this Mayor, there is a certain type of selective dispensation of scarce resources in this not so large city. Main street, the main artery of the commercial district is clean and well maintained . In the section from Academy down to the River. This section largely  has white owned businesses .     20140606_112715

20140606_112740The section from Academy heading East to the City limits , seldom sees a street-cleaning vehicle. In many instances there are shrubs growing out of the sidewalks. For full disclosure I have owned and operated a Business on the latter part of Main Street for 13 years. I have spoken to the Mayor about the way the Sanitation Department has gone about it’s functions and he has responded swiftly. However things go right back to the way they were the next day. This section is largely populated with Black and Mexican businesses.

Work crews have been busy installing new gas lines on the southern side of main street for months now . Residents have been forced to deal with traffic snarls. Business owners have complained of drastic reduction in business as a result.  Additionally, dust and noise pollution from the heavy equipment adds to the misery level. Yet right on cue the City is busy having new parking meters installed for the first time on the eastern corridor of Main street.

Most cities do have parking meters. The problem here in Poughkeepsie is that while the Mayor and his Administration gives the average resident of the City less for his tax Dollar, large companies seem to be doing really well under his stewardship. If the Mayor wants to be a Mayor for all residents of the City, he must ensure adequate and equitable dispensation of services for tax-payers funds. He cannot reasonably ask for more, even as he gives less and less.

But then again the Mayor is already seeking higher office. Business owners like myself will be forced to feed these Meters for the 11 or 12 hours we are open each day. Hopefully the Mayor will see fit to make sure that the streets are swept and the putrid sewer odor in some areas are dealt with.