One of the most consequential building blocks on which a democratic and prosperous society is built is the rule of law.
The rule of a law is not complex it is simply a set of rules that society sets for itself which if followed argues for a smooth running society.
By extension that society may then go on with its another business of providing education, healthcare, infrastructure, and other necessities which allow for the entrepreneurial spirit of the people to then create wealth.

It is in that order that Western European nations, Some Asian countries like Japan, Singapore, South Korea, the American society and others are built.


It is naive and misguided to believe that anything outside that social order will bear any fruit other than chaos and confusion which result in poverty and rampant criminality.
To some extent that simple memorandum has not found its way into the spaces of the Jamaican society where it matters.
As a result, what obtains there is a social order which relies on the man rather than the law. A social order which is anything but social or orderly.

There is a pecking order in which little sprats vie and compete to see who can speak the loudest over others and who can demonstrate that he is better educated so he should be master over all things.
The end result is a tiny cauldron of boiling bile in which a bunch of scalding minnows struggles to outmaneuver each other to get to the top in an endless yet futile struggle which inevitably results in everyone getting scalded to death.

Arlene Harrison-Henry

It is in this vein that the statements coming from Jamaicans for Justice, the Nation’s most visceral anti-police group and the tax payer funded Public Defenders office is so inherently offensive.
Commissioner of Police George Quallo has a right, the sole right and responsibility to place his assets, including his human resources where he believes they will be of optimum effectiveness.

That perogative should not be subject to political interference or consultation.
It certainly should not be influenced by outside lobby groups which have demonstrated their vocal and systemic hatred for the rule of law and law enforcement officials.


On the part of the tax-payer funded office of public defender, it is shocking that a government office could exist in the country which seemingly is dedicated to the destruction of the rule of law.
It was from that very same office that former public defender, at best mediocre attorney Earl Witter,said that in order for police accounts of fatal shootings to be credible there should be more dead cops.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Donovan Graham

Now it’s Arlene Harrison Henry turn. In response to Commissioner Quallo’s appropriate and rightful transfer of senior personnel under his command which takes effect today Arlene Harrison Henry, in collusion with the enemy of the state JFJ is demanding that Assistant Commissioner of Police Donavan Graham who headed  Police Area Three, which comprises Clarendon, Manchester, and St Elizabeth not be transferred to head police Area One.

“It should be put on hold, especially in light of the concerns and especially in light of the fact that he inevitably will be in charge of a special zone,” said John Clarke, JFJ’s legal officer.
“We are saying that in light of the findings and the recommendations of the [West Kingston Commission of Enquiry], he ought never to have been in charge of the Manchester area, and this transfer ought to stop.”

Were the Commissioner of Police to accede to this demand he would have effectively ceded his authority over personnel transfers to outside forces hostile to the rule of law.
The nonsensical yet presumptuous argument that  an Assistant Commissioner who already heads a police Division should not be allowed to head another police Division in the same small country of 4411 square miles is beyond ridiculous even without bothering to pay attention to the lack of standing that the complainers have to make such demands.

Jamaica is a country that is teetering precipitously on the brink of all out chaos contrary to what the politicians and faux patriots tell you.
The country is experiencing civil war type homicide numbers. No, not every killing is related to the illicit Lotto-scam.
It is intellectual indolence and worse to suggest that the people dying are scammers.

It is a lazy and easy answer which is not supported by the facts. If that assertion was true then each and every homeowner should remove the iron grille fortifications from their homes and sleep with their doors open at nights as the prime minister assured them would happen were he elected to office.
The stark reality is that contrary to the platitudes and protestations that crime is everywhere, closer to seven(7) Jamaicans are slaughtered each and every day as opposed to the four they would have us believe.

Two AK 47 rifles, 15 other guns, ammo found in cargo at GNIC

Even if the number was four people murdered each day, the yearly number of slaughtered Jamaicans would be 1460.
Those are the numbers the so called human rights crusaders should chew on for a while.
No greater right does a person have than the right to life.  Without life, nothing else matters.
If they want to contribute to Nation building what better place for them to direct their efforts than at helping to reduce murders?
Instead, like so many other entities in the tiny, fishbowl they cozy up the worse elements in the society and demonize the police.


Assistant Commissioner of Police Donavan Graham and others did their duty at a time when others were cowering in fear of the takeover of our country by a transnational warlord and his militiamen.
He was slimed by a Kangaroo court made up of three feeble legal prostitutes two from within and one from without.
Unless their findings were findings of criminal culpability which it weren’t, Jamaicans for Justice and the other Slimers at the Public Defender’s office have no justification for their continued besmirching of this public servant’s character.

Their opinions and utterances should be collected with the remainder of Kingston’s garbage and disposed of in the Riverton Dump where they belong.