One zone will not have an impact on the national crime rate, the impact is supposed to be on the zone and the immediate areas of the zone.” [Andrew Holness]

It offered a sense of relief to me to hear the Jamaican leader say those words in response to the questions posed by the press a few days ago.
It offered me hope that despite the protestations of the bots who traverse social media making blanket political statements and giving support to things they do not understand, at least he understands the limitations of his own policies.

If You Believe The ZOSO Will Have An Impact On Murders You Deserve To Be Conned ….

So now that we got some semblance of the truth from the Prime Minister, I hope his supporters will be more informed and less bellicose in their attacks on people who understand crime policy.
By his own admission, the PM conceded that his policy is essentially at best a whack-a-mole game. Create, a zone and the killers pop up someplace else.

Whether this was a Freudian slip or a real moment of honesty I do not know.
What I do know is that I never heard this coming from the Prime Minister throughout the discussion stages of the Zones Of Special Operations (ZOSO)  debate.

Nevertheless, now that we have heard the truth from the highest elected office holder it’s important to parse the realities in an honest and real way.
So I would like to walk the partisan political hacks who name-call and label me with ad hominem attacks, through the holes in this process in a simple and unsophisticated way.


Since the ZOSO’s are a static phenomenon, meaning, large amounts of police personnel backed up by soldiers are confined to a certain geographic area, criminals simply slither away to other parts of the Island.
Before the ZOSO bill became law I said criminals would simply go to other places.
That’s exactly what they did.
Local news reports have borne out those truths which actually were not earth-shattering predictions, but common sense assessments to begin with.

Murders have actually gone up since the ZOSO law was passed and the first zone declared by the Prime Minister.
It is yet unclear if there are any connections between the ZOSO and the escalation in homicides.
In previous articles, I laid out why I believed crime would actually increase after the ZOSO bill became law.
Not the least of which, is that criminals sometimes wait to see what authorities are coming up with before continuing on with their activities. They then adjust their activities accordingly.
As far as the ZOSO is concerned it did not require much for the criminal underground to figure out that this was a nothing burger.
So it’s back to business as usual and with some intensification.


In order for ZOSO to have any chance of success, there would have to be in my estimation one hundred thousand police and soldiers simultaneously swooping down on political garrisons and hotspots across the Island in a coordinated and well-executed exercise.
They would need to have sniffer dogs which would sniff out weapons as the search teams go from house to house in search of weapons.
Additionally, the police would also have to be extra vigilant on their lookout for stray criminals seeking to evade the heat.
Those resources would have to be stationed in those communities for a protracted period of time allowing for whatever dressing the Government wants to add to the hard work law enforcement has already done.
At the same time, there would have to be special resources dedicated to preventing guns and ammunition entering the Island through the porous ports of entries.

Since the country has nothing close to those resources the next best thing to do is to attack the problem through a systematic outward build.
This means a few things which may seem regressive but which are absolutely crucial in that process of building out a policy to arrest crime on the Island.

♦This means asking for help from non-European countries if needed.
Jamaica cannot use Scandinavian or other European policing models to deal with crime.
Scandinavian countries have largely monolithic caucasian societies which enjoy some of the best standards of living on the planet.
Crime is low because of two factors (1) Those societies are intolerant of crime, they have societies founded on the rule of law.(2) Those societies are wealthy so they naturally have less violent crimes.
Lobbyists and others on the tax-payers dime who travel to these countries then return with their models should be stopped.

♦ Those who lobby on behalf of criminals under the guise of human rights should have no seat at the table and their views ought not to inform or impact policy.

♦ Repeal the INDECOM act.

♦ Re-do the INDECOM act, ensure that the law in no way, neither by spirit nor the letter gives the impression to criminals that they have a friend in the law.

INDECOM Commissioner
Terrence Williams

Ensure that the law has safeguards and considerations of law enforcement’s points of view.
Attach punitive components which makes it a crime for any member of INDECOM to associates, meet with or otherwise collude with groups which lobby against any of the groups INDECOM is tasked with investigating.

♦ Abolish the Public defender’s office.

Arlene Harrison-Henry

The ministry of justice and the Director of Public Prosecution ought to be the Public Defenders.
Use the resources misappropriated to that department to improve the justice system.
Pass laws which place criminals in prison and keep them there.
change the laws make it mandatory no bail for murder defendants.
Make it mandatory life without parole for those convicted of committing murders with a firearm.
Make it twenty years to life for anyone found in possession of an illegal gun.
Five years mandatory for possession of illegal ammunition.


♦ Create accountability standards in the Police and all other Government agencies.
The misinformation which plagues the Island that police are the personification of corruption comes from the elitist’s camps.
We know that the Ministers of Government regardless of party are usually corrupt, so too are members of parliament.
That’s why the Contractor General’s department came into being but without prosecutorial powers.
All Government agencies are corrupt, begin the process of cleaning up the corruption from the top down.
Better train, equip, pay, supervise, and support the police.

♦ Build Prisons.Courthouses. Hire Prosecutors. Appoint Judges from the prosecutor’s office. Both Political parties must eschew garrisons, gangs and take a unified stance against crime.
Anything outside this comprehensive approach is not a crime strategy but an attempt at deceiving the public.