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There is a bench on the sidewalk, in an area that would generally not find favour among the middle class.This bench is a favourite parking spot for a middle class Jamaican woman and her two ancient friends, Vic and Mike. Vic is a 76 year old fisherman and Mike is an 84 retiree. Both are highly principled men but have sinned in the past. Mike served time for being creative with people’s check leaves and Vic had numerous interesting encounters with ladies who had vowed lifetime commitment to other than he.
Vic once had a fair amount of money. Most of this money was earned through a business that was operated by his wife. Vic’s wife decided that the money would better serve the needs of the family, if the family consisted of her and their 5 year old only, so she migrated and left Vic to manage the best way he could. He now lives in that area that does not generally find favour among the middle class, and he experiences all the hardships that came with living in that environment.
Vic and Mike shared her latest concern with their middle class female bench-buddy. “Irie”, a man nearing 50, had found favour with and in a local skettel. Irie was a self-employed married man who lived outside the area. His wife operated a small business from home. “Skettel” was proud of her relationship with Irie and she worked hard to ensure that the stars were maintained in his eyes.
Skettel was particularly skilled at telling tall tales and with Irie as a star-struck audience, she honed that skill to a higher level. Skettel was the centre of Irie’s life and she managed to convince him that his loving, caring wife had a dark side and had indulged in many “unwifely” activities. Irie did like many self-respecting men do when they found their wife had been a devious woman for so many years – he divorced her.
Skettel now had the resources she needed for herself and her children. She was a responsible woman too…she made sure that every month, Irie was reminded of his court-mandated responsibility to his children. In fact, she volunteered to take the money to the court office herself. Irie was a man in heaven, at least until he accepted a telephone call from his daughter.
“Daddy, how you feel when you and Skettel ah eat, and we nah eat?”
In a very short time, Irie discovered the folly in leaving a loving, caring woman who used the money she earned to enrich the lives of her husband and children, for woman with three adult dependent off-springs, who has never worked in her life and is still unemployable.
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