Hidden in this sentence notwithstanding, is a deeper more significant lesson for Jamaica. The 23 year sentence to run consecutively, not concurrently, is significant for Christopher Coke. The greater significance for Jamaica and Jamaicans however, is that America’s Justice system is not the ridiculous criminal- friendly farce, which obtains in Jamaica . Every defendant charged with a crime should and must be given a fair and impartial trial, justice demands it. On the other hand those who have been victims of crime also deserve a rigorous defender of their right to be safe in their persons,their homes or wherever they lawfully exist.

Christopher (dudus)CokeCoke’s HQ. Tivoli.

That is where the criminal justice  system comes in, to adequately investigate, prosecute, and effectively apply necessary and sufficiently punitive and rehabilitative remedies. I wrote years ago in another forum, that Jamaica will submit to the rule of law in this new world order. I am vindicated to some degree, though still not satisfied , that the people at the very top of these criminal empires , are still running around Jamaica yet untouched.

Police stations burned.Streets barricaded

There is a cornucopia of different disciplines within Jamaica which created Christopher (Dudus) Coke) , Jim Brown, Claudie Massop, Skeng Don, George Pang, Feather Mop, Bury Boy, Jah T, Chubby Dread, Sandokan, Natty Morgan and the seemingly endless list of infamous degenerates who have disgraced our historical landscape.

At the core of it all, is a population which largely relishes and feeds on the glorification of all things illegal . This insatiable ,rapacious desire  for things illicit, is dutifully fed by the media, and the local culture. Vis-a-vis dance hall music, the theater et al.


This fertile culture of acceptance, is the perfect breeding ground for the existing culture of pervasive and debilitating corruption, which is suffocating the very life-blood from the country and subjecting generations of our nation’s people to a life of abject poverty and for too many death.

It was the culture which produced Dudus Coke, not that he is without sin, has even he has alluded to, but had the system punished and rehabilitated him effectively, when he started down that path, he would certainly not have been in that court-room yesterday hearing those dreaded words from Justice Patterson.

Despite being arrested and charged several times Jamaica’s criminal coddling judges turned him back onto the streets without penalty time and again. How could he not feel above the laws?

The system which failed the people Dudus transgressed against, also failed Dudus. The Culture which fomented and maintained a state within a state is exponentially responsible for those who died at his hands directly or indirectly. Even as Coke now have time to contemplate his actions, there are countless others doing the very things he did, in the same minuet piece of real estate with its 2.7 million inhabitants.

Filthy dirty politicians, a woefully inadequate  broken justice system, from top to bottom, an impotent, timid, lap-dog police force, a cheer-leading media, add a criminally complicit civil society and the result is a perfect storm , which creates a country that breads the Christopher Cokes of this world.

As some seek to demagogue Christopher (dudus) Coke, we would be well reminded that if Jamaica had  clearly established laws, judges who understood their responsibilities in applying those laws , police who are capable and willing to investigate , we would not be having this conversation, Christopher Coke may have been a legitimate business-man.

As we, Jamaicans all, express our varying opinions on this subject, we are well reminded that there are more people in Jamaica doing the very same things that he was sentenced for . There are people who occupy positions of power, Politicians, business-people, lawyers, people from all walks of life.

Dudus had a chance to do the right thing, he argued to judge Patterson that he was a benefactor for his community , no one denies that. Many in Jamaica sees that kind of largess as worthy of saint-hood. Once again that mentality is derived from the glorification of evil, all things criminal and an un-explainable acceptance of criminality.

Sentences meted out for infractions to the most egregious crimes and acts of terror, sends a message that the state does not attach any significance to the corrosive and destructive consequences of crime.

The Media, or what passes for one, does significantly more damage than good, to an already gullible, low information populace ,by cheer-leading criminality. In the end those who seek fame, do so at the expense of the agencies put in place to provide for the security of the country, even as they clutch tightly their American visas, green cards and in many cases citizenship.

News paper editors constantly berate law enforcement about every minute detail, while they ignore the over 200 gangs operating with impunity in the country. The security forces are hamstrung, too afraid to do anything for fear of criminal prosecution.

Those in power who make the rules are the very ones benefiting from crime. Absent the United Sates and it’s resolve to get trans national criminals irrespective of where they operate from, Jamaica would have already been a failed state.

Day after day the number one printed dish-rag (THE DAILY GLEANER) from its Editorial pages, scream out for investigations into the deaths of those who died in Tivoli gardens. That’s when it can pull itself from homosexual advocacy.

There is never any mention by this garbage dispenser, about the police officers killed when Coke’s militia decided to over-power the Jamaican state. No mention of the death of members of our military. No mention of the death of the innocents killed, as bands of marauding militia-men went on a rampage killing at will. No mention of the police stations torched in images displayed above .

Inimitable and indelible images seared into our consciousness that our beloved country was ever so close to being taken over by filthy hoodlums, who decided that the laws did not apply to them.

Institution of higher learning churns out so-called intellectuals whose only interest is their own,. Higher learning has no nobility, it brings no commitment to service , no dedication to nation-hood.  Those who earn a degree in Jamaica uses it solely is an instrument to club others less fortunate.

So where will Jamaica be as it enters its 50th year of so-called independence? Will it continue to be a haven for criminality run by two groups of criminals/criminal-supporting leaders who have visas and citizenship for countries where the rule of law is respected?

Or will a leader, or group of people rise up to take the reins and say to the people your future is in your hands, it is not in criminality,it’s not in remittance coming from abroad, it’s all up to us?

Only time will tell !