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1)Educate:To develop the faculties and powers of (a person) by teaching,instruction, or schooling.

Synonyms: instruct, school, drill. 2)Educate: To qualify by instruction or training for a particular calling,practice, etc.; train: to educate someone for law. 3)To inform: to educate oneself about the best course of action.( There seem to be a bit of mis-education among some educated people about the meaning of education. As such, they are caught in a quandary as to how to handle the idea that anyone not schooled in their discipline could actually themselves be educated  albeit in another area. As such I went to to see what they had to say about “Educate”, as above>

images (50)I recently wrote about a discussion forum on Okra where alleged Doctors were unable to participate in a light-hearted conversation without telling everyone they are Doctors . To date I have noticed  smoldering embers of resentment that someone not schooled at the University Of the West Indies could challenge them on their absolute idiocy in believing that only doctors could make informed contributions. Oh… did I tell you they were all from Jamaica? Yeah they are !!

So as I said I noticed some smoldering embers of resentment  around,social media disguised as something else. Which leaves me  to conclude that the resentment is wholly about what many people believed. That many Jamaicans who benefited from a college and University education do so not just for their individual betterment, but as a weapon they may use to lord over anyone who dare challenge or engage them. I must say this is not an indictment on the UWI , God forbid, many of my family members are proud Alums. My brother earned his Masters there before completing two Doctorates overseas. My brother exhibits none of the traits of insecurity I saw on that thread.

I crave the indulgence of all on this, both those with much formal education and those schooled through less formal means. Also do educate me on the reasons behind some people’s inability to have a conversation without feeling the need to inform others of their academic qualifications. What exactly are the insecurities inherent that causes educated Jamaicans in particular to display those insecurities? Is it that they fear no one will listen to them, no one will pay attention to them? Or is it a physiological need to dominate, to intimidate, are these classic signs of closet bullies? Do these people work hard for their Degrees because for years they went unrecognized? Have they done the hard work because they have an extreme need to be noticed? On this I will await the diagnosis of the educated:




8 thoughts on “WHAT IS EDUCATION?

  1. How do you know the people were educated at UWI?

    Is your interpretation more about you concept of self, than the perceived attitude of the others?

    I have noticed that people tend to interpret questions about the validity of the information they share, as an indication that those who question, are questioning their intelligence, rather than trying to understand the subject of the discussion.

    That attitude, I find, gets in the way of what could be a decent discussion that could teach us much.

    Maybe those who post information should either not post, or try to contribute things they actually know something about, so that they are able to adequately field questions, or simply say “I don’t know”

    Immediately launching an attack on the person who questions, does nothing for the image of the poster.

    I see no problem with people declaring their area of expertise. In fact, I rather like it. I have been able to get assistance from and provide assistance to total strangers on Facebook, because we declared our interests and specialties in discussions.

    Why do we resent the questions? Is it that they make us aware of our own inadequacies?

    1. Hi Sandra thanks for your questions and comments. First to your question. A quick search revealed what I wanted to know, like I said without Face/Book some people would be nothing, subsequently everything about them is actually on Facebook.I have no problem with anyone’s concept of my intelligence, never did, I’m not a narcissist. I never cared much about what anyone thought of me , much less people I don’t know. “CONTEXT” Here’s a word they should acquaint themselves with, there was no need for the denigration of the light-hearted discussion we were having, so yes my dear there was no reason for them laying out their resumes.I am sure every poster on that thread have a resume, maybe not resumes with doctorates in them, or even medical training. Like these social climbers though, they have resumes. That my friend is the reason for my chagrin, that was the reason for my ire. We are not the education we earn, we are not the homes and cars we own, and we aren’t the businesses we own, we are people. Sometimes it is important to engage as people and not about what we do. That was the reason I was in that forum, for the light hearted banter. Ps. while you try to rationalize on their behalf, it is important that you note, they were not seeking to understand the subject, they were trying to force their ideas on others. When that failed they went to bullying by strutting their resumes. The other questions you post regarding inadequacies , goes exactly to my point. Thanks for your response.

  2. Mike, I am giving my opinion, I am not rationalising on behalf of anyone as I am sure they are quite capable of defending themselves.

    I often have the same questions as the ones you refer too, but I opt not to ask because I know, from experience the direction the discussion will take.

    I urge us all to respond to questions, rather than to the person who poses them. It is sadly, not typical of Jamaicans to do so. We love to attack the messenger. Maybe because it is easier to do so, than to face the reality that we do not know? So what? What is wrong with saying “I don’t know?”

    Mike, I have had my fair share of verbal attacks for showing respect by way of believing that posters are able to engage in a discussion surrounding their posts. I came to the forum hoping share and learn from the experiences of others. Indeed I have learnt much. But more so about how we perceive others through a glass tinted by our own experiences.

    In my experience on the forum, there have been a few lovely discussions but they happen only when people do seek to find a hidden agenda, and are able to respond to the question. In those cases, they often don’t share each other’s opinion, but the discussion is civil, and I was able to learn from them.

    Typically the people who take affront, are those who are unable to carry the discussion.

    So, please to tek your emotions affa yuh sleeve, put on yuh big girl panties, and deal wid it man! Nobody can act superior to you without your permission.

    Me done! 🙂

  3. Correction:

    In my experience on the forum, there have been a few lovely discussions but they happen only when people do NOT seek to find a hidden agenda …

    1. My dear sister You know that I value your input, as such I invite you to take a look at the thread , you will notice that the convo was fun and light-hearted until a certain person changed that by going after Cher. As a real man I felt compelled to say enough. As capable as you are of defending and protecting yourself, and doesn’t need anyone coming to your defense, I would have come to your defense, it’s just my sense of old fashioned values.
      On the other assumptions sis? Those who know me understands my disdain for bullies, they come in all forms. I was amused that they thought they were pushing my buttons, they even naively came up with on- the-spot diagnosis of me. As someone trained to listen and ferret out the truth , I was actually doing my own diagnosis of them for my own interests. They fell for it hook line and sinker.

  4. Sandra….I’ll post the below…LOL…
    Stupid statement, “…they are caught in a quandary as to how to handle the idea that anyone not schooled in their discipline could actually themselves be educated albeit in another area…”….An archeologist, a historian, a linguist and many others in disciplines other than mine are probably much better educated than I…
    The following is another stupid question, “What exactly are the insecurities inherent that causes educated Jamaicans in particular to display those insecurities?”….where is the evidence that this is a trait, “in particular” related to Jamaicans vs, Russians, for instance?
    If one mentions their profession, which I have not seen a plethora of such, why is that a sign of insecurity, rather than an attempt to establish one’s bonafides as an expert in the area being discussed…
    If on is giving online advice as to building a hillside house’s foundation, , I want to know if that person is a structural engineer or some high school dropout who mixed cement for a summer and was paid minimum wage for his efforts…
    My question would be, why do some uneducated people make so many stupid statements, ask so many stupid question and make so many attempts to devalue those with the brains and ambition to have achieved higher education and graduate degrees…
    What is it about some people who would like to have us believe that higher education is a liability, instead of an accomplishment of which one should be proud???…..
    Are they jealous or are they stupid?
    Do they not know that Black and Colonised people had to fight and die for the ability and opportunity of their progeny to get that education???
    Do they not know that no, or mis-education has been a means of enforcing oppression, exploitation and slavery….Why do you think slaves were flogged or killed for trying to learn how to read and write?
    I suggest that the jackasses who post such crap, get an advanced degree in history….Sounds like they don’t know sheet about where they came from and the forces that put them where they are….
    PS….I not that the author, who apparently has nothing to mention regarding his own education, does not hesitate to mention that of his brother’s…..My advice….”Get the hell of Facebbook, stop talking nonsense and follow the example of your brother….If you have the ambition and/or the ability!
    • Your lack of education and insecurities are being broadcast in your post….

    President Obama…..”Higher education is still the best road to upward mobility!”

    Very ironic that above this stupid post are advertisements about getting higher degrees……Of course they are by colleges that no one who is truly in a truly superior education would attend…

    1. It’s great to see that you have finally gone to look at some history books, ironically it seem that you have emerged a bigger Jack-ass than before. It is clear you have the ability to read, what we need to build on is your comprehension skills. I implore you, go back , hire a Tutor, ask him/her to explain what you have read to you.
      I am a big fan and a huge proponent of higher learning, “HUGE” . It just seem that for you Dennis, it just made you a dumber jack-ass…. Oh don’t worry about my education or lack thereof. Even in my dumbest moment I am superior to you.
      I just do not posses your narcissism.
      I will not waste time with you, except to say that throughout your post on that thread, you displayed narcissistic tendencies which may impress some people, I am just not among that group. A jack-ass is a Jack-ass, irrespective of education. You sir fit that bill.
      My fight is never with well educated people, you may try to obfuscate all you want, my problem is with you. Stand like a man and defend the fact you are a moron, do not hide behind,or seek cover from smart educated people , you are not one of them.

      “Very ironic that above this stupid post are advertisements about getting higher degrees……Of course they are by colleges that no one who is truly in a truly superior education would attend”.

      This sentence is a synopsis of what I have said and believe about you. Not just that you are not a smart man, but in actuality you do not understand how anything works outside what you do…oh who you are,.. well there is no difference between the two. Dennis the anesthesiologist. I suggest you stop inhaling that gas, it’s for the patients use not yours dumbo.
      Educated dumb doctors.

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