Police personnel at the Denham Town Police Station hold hands in prayer after their colleague, Constable Lynden Barrett, was shot and killed in West Kingston.
Police personnel at the Denham Town Police Station hold hands in prayer after their colleague, Constable Lynden Barrett, was shot and killed in West Kingston.


At the start of this year Police Commissioner Owen Ellington declared to the Country that he would be demanding from Divisional Commanders their strategy to completely dismantle Jamaica’s Criminal Gangs.The Police argue that there are several dozen Criminal Gangs operating across the Island.Some Non Governmental Organizations dispute those claims, arguing that some of the groupings of people the Police call gangs are just guys hanging out on the corners.

Horace Levy has been a senior lecturer and research fellow at the University of the West Indies since 1998. His 2009 monograph Killing Streets and Community Revival is based both on his research and his active involvement since 2002 in the Peace Management Initiative.  (AAP Home > Department of City & Regional Planning).The arguments made by mister Levy is based on his association with the organization he helps to lead, the PMI.

Having spent a decade policing the inner cities and garrisons of Jamaica ,I must say with all due respect to Mister Levy  and the PMI, despite the valuable work they do, I am more inclined to go with the assessment of the Police.The work of the PMI though invaluable,  is different from the role of the police . Operatives of the PMI are seen in these communities in  a different light than the way the police is viewed.

Arguing that guys on the corner who behave in a civil way around  PMI operatives are somehow  divorced from turf-defense, extortion, and the commission of other crimes, shows a lack of understanding of how criminals operate. It’s naivete, or much  worse. That argument is similar to that of  parents whom have done their best to raise a child, would swear on the Bible that the child never indulges in bad behavior, until that child is convicted of criminal wrong doing. We can do our best to raise our kids but we should never swear on their honesty.

Back to commissioner Ellington:

On hearing the announcement from the Commissioner my immediate inclination was to wonder how many Commanders had training or understanding how to execute the mandate given by their boss? I am not saying that the Commanders, some of whom are seasoned street cops cannot effectively eradicate the gangs within their sphere of command. What I do know as a matter of fact is that some of them have no clue, no will, and  others are timid leaders who had greatness thrust  upon them. If we are to eradicate the monster of gang violence  there must be effective legislation that precedes  the police effort. The police commissioner , well-intentioned though he is, is asking his commanders to do something that cannot be achieved under the present system. If the Authorities are serious the thing to do is look overseas at models which  work. A good place to start is the American Rico Statute.   RICO, is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization.

In 1970, Congress passed the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, Title 18, United States Code, Sections 1961-1968. At the time, Congress’ goal was to eliminate the ill-affects of organized crime on the nation’s economy. To put it bluntly, RICO was intended to destroy the Mafia,it is applied to individuals, businesses, political protest groups, and terrorist organizations. In short, a RICO claim can arise in almost any context. source(RicoAct.com llc)RICO addresses long-term, not one-shot, criminal activity. Not only must a RICO claim be based upon criminal activity, but the criminal acts must constitute a “pattern” of criminal activity. A single criminal act, short-term criminal conduct, or criminal actions that bear no relationship to each other will not give rise to a RICO claim. The United States Supreme Court has ruled that criminal actions constitute a “pattern” only if they are related and continuous. In order to be “related,” the criminal acts must involve the same victims, have the same methods of commission, involve the same participants, or be related in some other fashion. A pattern may be sufficiently continuous if the criminal actions occurred over a substantial period of time or posed a threat of indefinite duration. The former patterns are referred to as closed-ended patterns; the latter patterns are referred to as open-ended patterns. Accordingly, even if you have been injured by a criminal act, you will not have a RICO claim unless that criminal act is part of a larger pattern of criminal activity.source(RicoAct.com llc).

The Americans recognized they had a problem and they acted decisively to ensure that the country would not bow to criminals.This law has more than enough detractors , thats fine, that is  how a democracy work ,but the vast majority of Americans will argue that the law serves the purpose for which it was intended. American  cities, and small communities are not controlled by heavily armed, marauding, blood thirsty gangsters with law-enforcement in retreat.

The JCF cannot not get the necessary support it needs from Government to refrain from  political gamesmanship with National Security. Declare a State Of Public Emergency. Give the security forces the  room they needed, to solidify and hold the grounds they cleared. This is a serious indictment on the Government.! The Police for its part is still mired in allegations of corruption. Too many of its members alleged to be involved in criminal behavior. There are also loud accusations that some officers are themselves closely associated with some of the leading criminal gangs in the country. The two leading gangs the One Order an alleged JLP proxy and the Klans man a PNP affiliate are at the forefront of criminal activity, from my sources on the ground in the old capital of Spanish Town and it’s environs, over the last several years crime in and around Spanish Town has been out of control, even during the days of former no-nonsense crime fighters like Kelso Smalls and others, Spanish Town’s criminals had shown a certain tenacity and determination, that required hard-nosed policing, from Sufferers heights, to De la Vega City, from Thawes Pen to Brunswick Avenue, and all places in between crime and Political violence was left unchecked, and in many instances supported by politicians.

As a member of the Rangers Squad out of the Mobile Reserve and later serving at the Constant Spring CIB I am acutely aware of what it takes to ensure that the streets are controlled by the rule of law. The JCF through  favoritism, Political affiliation, and just plain incompetence has caused a once well-regarded Agency to be reduced to one of ridicule and shame.  Through its ineffective development of its greatest asset, the people who volunteer , it has caused the Department to experience one of the highest rate of attrition of any public body in the Country.

The Jamaican people have lost countless millions of tax Dollars to attrition. They saw no returns on their investment. Many members decided not to get caught up in a no win situation and have left., Some are unable to leave but would at a moment’s notice were they given the chance.  The solution is not a simple one ,but one that requires will,vision, and know-how, the Jamaican people have to avail  themselves to the fact that  calling the Authorities and reporting criminal activity [snitching] is in their best Interest. They must understand that an atmosphere  of no snitching is fertile soil for criminality to flourish. They must realize that as citizens with rights, they have responsibilities to act with circumspection and responsibility.They must determine to sacrifice for country, resisting the instant gratification of now. [eat a food mentality] .

They must endeavor to stop corrupting public officials, and they must unify around the common cause of crime eradication. It is impossible to gauge how many killers are walking the streets and by-ways of Jamaica, what is certain is that there are hundreds possibly thousands. many young men walking the streets have slaughtered dozens of people , raped and killed many women, girls and little boys, and will never be brought before a Jamaican court to account for any of those crimes.

There are countless others whom are involved in murder  for hire. Through murder for hire , they have others do their killing for them,   even in the rare case of an investigation they are never named. Subsequently they continue to pay others to exterminate people as they see fit.

I get real mad when some foreign group or individual goes to my country and walk around with someone from a depressed community , ask a few questions, then proceed to go back to their country and write stories as if they understand something about Jamaican criminality . I am equally pissed  about their surrogates like those within the criminal supporting group Jamaicans for justice.  It’s executive director who have no understanding of what obtains in ghettos , other than what they are told ,or from watching  television. They collect statements  from criminals or their family members run with it to their foreign handlers who proceed to  slander  the security forces and the country. The groups that supposedly care about human rights are never concerned , never do they  talk about the collective harm and trauma that is being visited on the Nation as a result of the sickening slaughter of our innocent brothers and sisters, largely by drug and sex crazed demons parading as men. Demons that have no souls, vampires if you will, who pride themselves in the ghoulish slaughter of the innocent.

Those are the people whose rights are guaranteed in Jamaica, our Law Enforcement Officials are required to tip toe around these murdering low lives. Criminal rights groups are heavily involved in the running of the country’s security apparatus. Criminals are like cockroaches , shine a light they will scamper for cover,keep the light on and they stay away, those who dare return face the fury of the roach spray  !!!!



  1. Excellent article Mike!! I do not have a law enforcement background, but I must agree that the only way forward in dismantling criminal Gangs, significantly increasing the conviction rate for murders and for that matter, all crimes committed in Jamaica, is through active participation of our Citizens. I might be wrong on this, but to my knowledge, eye-witness participation is probably the single most determinant in solving most murders/crimes in most parts of the world. Knowing how most Jamaicans are “nosey”, I find it hard to believe a lot of these murders are committed without actual eye-witnesses to the act. If fact, if I drive into any community in Jamaica, the individuals I pass on the way, are always “breaking” their necks to see who the driver is. I can land at the one of the major Airports and before reaching my destination, half the people in the community knows I’m in the Island…..and this was before we had cellphones! But here in lies the problem. Our Citizen does not trust the Police and they have good reason why they shouldn’t. You must agree that there are a few bad apples in the Jamaican Police force and it cuts across all strata of the force.

    Case is point was the arrest and conviction of Well-known senior policeman, Superintendent Harry ‘Bungles’ Daley on a corruption charge. Most recently, Deputy Superintendent Altemorth ‘Paro’ Campbell’s house was search in connection with the murder of young Khajeel Mais and speculation that he withheld vital information about the case and/or may have even helped the alleged shooter to hide information. Based on my personal knowledge of one particular Superintendent of Police and his association with a specific individual, I would not personally provide information to the Police, for fear my identity divulge to the criminals. The deaths of many witnesses to criminal matters before the courts and the known fact that Jamaican Lawyers are one of the main sources of leak of Witnesses name/address to these criminals highlight the precarious nature potential informants’ face when they choose to cooperate with the Police.

    I read some months ago about a Popular Jamaican Entertainer who publicly claim that it was “one of his friends” in the Police Department who alerted him to the fact that he was wanted/”person of interest who should report to a certain Police Station”. This was before the information was even made public. So, the bottom line, until we can create a certain protocol or put a system in place where the public can be reassured that the information shared with the Police will be held in the strictest of confidence, very little headway will be made in dismantling of these Gangs and curtailing our high murder rate.

    1. So true Jeff ,as you know I find this reprehensible, the idea that cops would be actively involved with criminals is utterly disgusting.
      Thanks for your comments, keep participating , maybe they will listen to us if there are enough of us shouting.

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