A 41 year old radio personality who is the married father of two, has an illicit affair with a co-worker, she became pregnant.  He demands that she have an abortion, she refused, so he hires a 37 year-old trigger-man, pays him J$250.000 to exterminate her. He drives the shooter to the gate of his former paramour where the trigger man shoots the 7 months pregnant woman, Once in the face and once in the right hand.

The shooter runs back to the car and he and the would be murder master-mind drives away, after he was able to convince the master-mind Wayne Whyte that the victim Jody-Anne gray was indeed dead.. The police shows up and rushes the seriously wounded pregnant woman to the Hospital.On the way to the hospital the woman gathered the strength to point out the car with her assailants to the police. they were arrested and, subsequently plead guilty to the attempt on her life.

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Wayne Whyte (adapted)

This is not a Hollywood script, it is just another day in the annals of the murder capital called Jamaica.

It is the story of Jamaican radio personality 41 year-old Wayne Whyte and 37 year-old Rastafarian, Safari Farr the trigger-man who pumped two bullets into the woman 7 months pregnant. It is reported that both would be murderers broke down and wept like little bitches when the verdict was handed down yesterday July 7th 2013.


Wayne Whyte and Jody-Anne Gray at an event in happier times

So I’m sure you are all confident these two dirt-bags will never see the light of day again right? Well not so fast, this happened in Jamaica , remember? They were sentenced to 14 years in prison and could be out in as little as 9 years with good behavior.

The intended victim Jody-Anne gray is not a perfect person, no one is without sin but she surely did not deserve to be shot in the face and arm for her transgressions, and by the way  she has been forced to live overseas because of fear for her life.

As I argued in another forum the court should not have accepted the plea deal of wounding with intent. The Director of Public Prosecution was happy to get this verdict, that office is happy for any win. Yet the plea of wounding with intent leaves questions unanswered . What is intent?…………. Intent is to kill.

There is ample evidence in this case to prove intent, the mastermind Wayne Whyte paid J$250.000 to  Safari Farr to kill the woman carrying the child he did not want. Farr shot the defenseless pregnant woman twice then ran back to the car, Whyte refused to drive away until he was convinced that Farr had  killed Jody-Anne Gray, the woman carrying his child.

There is more than enough evidence of malice, depraved indifference, wanton disregard for human life and intent to murder, to send these two low-lives away for life, yet they may very well be out in 9 years.

Gangster Paradise, Jamaica nice.