I am tired of hearing and seeing people persecuted and maligned for standing on their principles.Never buy into the lies and distortions which says your fundamental faith-based principles are wrong, or that new alien acceptances are right and you should bow down to them.

I don’t care how many Kings and Emperors, Senators and Congress-men and Women say something, if I do not believe it, I won’t accept it.

So President Obama is pushing a gay agenda, that’s his business, I refuse to accept an alien philosophy simply because someone in high office sanctions it. If the President believes so strongly in fundamental Human Rights for all, why does he not champion the right of all Americans and all people on earth, who are opposed to  Sodomy to stand on the foundations of their beliefs and not capitulate to the torrential avalanche of deviant contemporary counter-culture?

Think about this, lesbian, gay, and trans-gender practioners come out openly about their preferences at their leisure, when they do they are celebrated and hailed as heroes,what makes them heroes, who bothers them?

Congress and state legislatures pass laws to protect them, why is it that they are so vehemently opposed to other people exercising their right of descent? Why should the rights of Gays be guaranteed at the expense of my right to say,” no thanks to your deviant behavior” Who is intolerant here?

Washington Wizard pro-basket-ball player  Jason Collins comes out and tells the world he is gay, he is celebrated as a hero, he is on the cover of Sport’s Illustrated, he received a phone call from the President of the United States.,  Collins is all over the television circuit. Good for him.

If this guy likes to have sex with men in their rectum or receives a penis in his rectum that’s his business. Did any of you ever hear that Millionaire athlete Jason Collins was being persecuted because he was suspected of being gay?…………………..

Me neither !

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace tweeted, “all these beautiful women in the world and guys wanna mess with other guys. ‘Shaking my head’.”Wallace later removed the tweet and apologized.

Why did you remove your tweet Mike?Did the Organization which write your checks make you do it? If they did what about your right to free speech?

Everyone rushed to the defense of the counter culture degenerate behavior , while many in the elite media was all over Mike Wallace excoriating him for being stupid, out of touch, moronic, and every derogatory adjective they could hurl at him. The NBA as well as Dolphins Executives were falling over themselves to say how proud they are of Collins.

Well let me say my piece, those who believe and engage in the primal hedonistic and disgusting practice of homosexuality are free to do so. I, on the other hand seriously reserves the right to stand on the christian principles indelibly burnished into my consciousness from my formative childhood years.

I will not surrender them on the altar of being part of the in crowd.  The demonic forces of Hedonistic and Sodomite indulgence may crucify me, but I will stand on my principled belief that marriage is between one man and one woman. I stand on the belief that Homosexuality is deviancy and an abomination to God Almighty. The Bible says so and I believe it.

No Gay, Lesbian or transgender person has anything to fear from me, neither psychically or otherwise, but neither will I fear retribution from them because I do not acknowledge their indulgences as normal and moral. They have a right to live their lifestyle, I will live mine my way, they don’t have to accept mine because I damn well do not accept theirs.

I am prepared for the abuse and invective which will be hurled my way , I’m happy that those who do will exactly be making my point. The Bible did say this time would come, it is here, those who have eyes to see let them see, those who have ears to hear let them hear, worse persecution is coming for those who dare stand opposed to the dark forces of Sodom and Gomorrah.

We will not be able to work or participate in any area of daily life, I’m ready for them to persecute me for standing on the pillars of righteousness and fidelity to principles.

Are you.