After Commissioner Ellington’s well reasoned article titled (Dealing effectively with guns and drugs for improved safety)  recently, I wrote a complimentary Article in support of the commissioner’s stance.


I was in total agreement with the commissioner, my only problem was, what took him so long? However, even as I complimented the country’s police chief for what I thought was a serious policy document, I was viscerally cognizant that the village lawyers some trained , some not, would be out with their sharpened daggers ready to lampoon him into oblivion.

As a result the penultimate Article I wrote asked the question “Is this Ellington’s farewell”?

The country did not have to wait long , even as some prominent people have come out in support of the Commissioner’s statements, probably for their own selfish reasons ,the criminal supporting blood-hounds, are out yapping with their now predictable liberal support for criminals.

 Peter Champagnie.

As Jamaicans we must shout down people like these. Generally I am predisposed to listening to even the most intellectually challenged opinion, these frauds must be shouted down. Those of us who want to see Jamaica survive must shout down and expose these fraudulent [Benedict Arnold] for what they are.

Peter Champagnie is a guest Columnist at the Gleaner and a lawyer. In the Gleaner publication June 10th 2013 Champagnie wrote (Judges Can’t Bail Out Cops) ..http://jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20130610/cleisure/cleisure2.html

I have provided a link for your convenience, in his diatribe Champagnie showed without equivocation that he is squarely on the side of the criminals running amok in Jamaica.

Lawyers are officers of the court, as such their duty should be to the process, yet this upstart, obviously feeling totally insulated from the perils of crime, launched into a diatribe against the police.

Let’s not forget that these vultures feed on the carcasses of criminality, no crime no food for them . It’s time we recognize them for what they are, total opportunist, they benefit from the actions of these the most vile despicable creatures on earth. What exactly does that make these lawyers?You decide!

The presumption of innocence is not a mere term of art confined to practitioners of criminal law but, rather, represents a fundamental principle upon which any civilized society exists. It is enshrined in our Constitution. Perhaps Mr Nelson needs to be reminded that the constitutional rights of each and every citizen must be observed and is not limited or ceases to exist in one geographical location or one’s station in life.[Peter Champagnie]

I have very little patience and use for these present day uncle tom n*&^%$* .

” Oh I have some education I’m going to impress upon the world how smart I am by putting together a bouquet of important sounding phrases , they will believe it makes sense”.

For the record, let me inform Champagnie of something he probably did not learn in law school. The question of bail cannot solely be premised on the fact that it was not designed to be punitive. Wrapping support for criminals in flowery words tied with the beautiful bow called Constitution ,makes it nothing more than shit in a pretty package.

Jamaica is a particularly violent country, the Bail Act makes provisions to keep violent criminals in Jail after they have been arrested for certain types of crimes, the level of depravity associated with said crimes must also be considered. This is not a new phenomena, it is international protocol, which Champagnie would do well availing himself to.

Criminals may be denied bail because they may flee.

Criminals may be denied bail because they may tamper with the investigations ie: threatening and or killing witnesses.

Criminals may be denied bail because of the likle-hood they may re-offend.

Most of Jamaican criminals are serial murderers, not because of police as this lightweight would have you believe, they kill because Jamaican judges release them over and over and over so they and kill and kill and kill until they are killed eventually.

I suggest to the good Peter Champagnie that the next time he wants to write, choose a topic with which he may be viewed with more credibility. On this topic he has made a total ass of himself.