Last Night’s State of the Union Address by President Obama was the first of his second term, I sat watching the president and writing a blog simultaneously, then I did something (no idea what), and lost it all so I went to bed.


United Nation's Building

United Nation’s Building

As the president spoke I thought about not just America’s future but also that of small dependent nations like my Island home Jamaica. Jamaicans were recently told by their  financial benefactor The (IMF) that it will have to adopt even more stringent measures than before to show it is worthy of more credit. Jamaica’s debt to earning ratio is horribly out of whack, Jamaica pays more of its earnings to servicing  its astronomical debt  burden than almost all other countries on Earth including Greece. After servicing its interest payments there is very little money left do anything on the people’s behalf. This is particularly galling because of Jamaica’s crippling corruption epidemic. As important as Obama’s speech was for middle and lower-class Americans, so too was it important for countries like Jamaica on issues like Immigration, and jobs programs.

Simply put, if there are less deportees to Jamaica if there is real immigration reform, it would ease some of the criminality so rampant on the Island. More money in the pockets of working-class Americans means they are more likely to take vacations to places like the carribean. Nothing that President Obama proposed last night will matter if Republicans do not go along, if last night was an indication of whats to come then there will not be much accomplished legislatively in Obama’s second term. Republicans in the Congress sat on their hands when the President proposed raising the minimum wage to US$9, they sat on their hands on the Violence against Women Act, Rubio voted no just yesterday. They sat on their hands on the jobs Act Proposal.  The fact is the only thing Republicans are excited about is drilling for oil in America’s wet lands . To hell with the environment , as long as their super rich contributors are satisfied. The irony of the night was Florida republican Senator Marco Rubio the 41-year-old wunderkind who has being trumpeted to be the savior of the ridiculously Neanderthal Republican Party. The problem is, Marco Rubio is the product of Cuban Immigrants who came to the United States in 1956 . Rubio and his parents have benefited much from Government largess.


Florida’s Republican US Senator Marco Antonio Rubio.

Marco Rubio who is a lawyer has now reached the top and he is pulling the ladder away from anyone not at the top where he is perched. Marco Antonio is now a T-Party darling, he is regarded as the “crown prince of the Tea Party movement“.

Marco Rubio  is not just a guy who is pulling away the ladder for the poor , for women , for the old and indigent, this guy has proven  to be a monumental fraud. In his now infamous Watergate response to the President Rubio pontificated that he was for the poor, he went on to state that he lives in the same middle-class neighborhood with retirees. However Rachel Maddow of MSNBC  reported  that Rubio’s house in the so-called middle class neighborhood  ,has been on the market for a whopping 600+ Thousand dollars.

So the little Cuban-American crown prince of the T-Party who loves the middle class so much, really wants to move to Washington DC where he may further ingratiate himself with the 1%.

As President Obama contend with the radical right-wing party, hell-bent on circumventing the will of the majority, countries like Jamaica  must do what it takes to get their own economies on the right track. There  will be no handouts coming from countries like the United States that will significantly change their circumstances.

They will have to make tough choices, in Jamaica’s case, it is rampant corruption and run-away criminality which is choking the life-blood out of the country, economically and literally. Jamaica however , has a tough road to hoe as it is stuck with political leaders who either do not understand what crime and corruption is doing to our country, or are too heavily invested in those vices to care,. either way it will be a difficult way forward for Jamaica.



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