From time to time I write about the lack of proper real police training for members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.
I also talk about a seeming lack of supervision and probably just as important a sense of Esprit-de-corp which has visibly and demonstrably been missing Whenever members of the force attempt to effect arrests.

At a time when proper training, leadership, supervision, and coordination are critical to law enforcement the JCF seems to be hell-bent on waiting on the next big event at which it will fail.

The images in the video below are a testament that officers are not being properly trained. They are not being properly supervised and they are not executing their duties properly.


This video ought to be a must in lectures on what not to do.
Not only should the officers have arrested the assailant immediately, the officer who fired his weapon at the last moment further exacerbated the situation with a net zero effect.
Someone could have been killed as he fired his weapon.
These occurrences are not new, we write about them, social media is replete with them yet the hierarchy of the JCF has not done a damn thing to change this kind of thing and change it fast.


Just a day ago a single gunman killed 59 people and seriously wounded over 500, even though Jamaica is thousands of miles from Las Vegas Nevada the JCF can learn valuable lessons from these incidents.
The JCF has got to be better, it has got to learn lessons from others and implement plans to deal effectively with the challenges which are sure to come its way in this present reality.
If three and four officers cannot effect a simple arrest of an individual who assaults one of them without firing a weapon in a futile attempt to stop that assailant how will it react to a serious assault?