Legislators can write the best bills with the best research data and when those bills are voted into law they may end up having only a marginal effect on that nation’s progress.
That is so because Governing is a pact between those who govern and those who are governed.
If the people refuse to be governed by any rules and the Government acquiesces to that sort of low-level anarchy,  it is only a matter of time before the entire thing erupts into a conflagration.

A few days ago I wrote the above article in which I bemoaned the lack of accountability in Government(party-neutral).
This I believe is having a debilitating effect on the nation’s ability to curb the runaway violent murders and return to the rule of law.
On that note, I would wish to associate myself with an article which appeared in Wednesday’s(Jamaica Observer) written by Elizabeth Morgan a specialist in international trade and politics.
In a brilliant synopsis, Morgan wrapped the following in her lead paragraph.

You leave home to tackle the mayhem on our roads with fear and trembling; in the modern, sophisticated tenement yards you are afraid to talk to neighbors who are invading your space with raucous behavior; you encounter rude and crude people in daily activities; men turn public spaces into public toilets exposing themselves to all; there is no respect for self or anyone else; corruption and crime have overtaken the society. Discipline and prudence are out the window. Selfishness and folly reign.

It is not often that an article of this quality appears in the local papers which slices straight down the middle and addresses the burning issues of the day.
She did so without the predictable (BS) and nuances we have become accustomed and numb to.
I have consistently argued that we may have lost the generations living now but there is no reason that we cannot get back to the basics.
There is no reason we cannot begin the process of inculcating values, respect, and love into our children from the formative years.
God, family country are good principles on which to raise our youngsters, good people make good communities, good communities make good countries.
A three-minute read on a social media thread reveals the level of dysfunction in the minds of the people.
The level of ignorance and fertile space for wrongdoing is stunning. This did not take generations to become a reality it took only a couple of decades.
If we want to have a country, now is the time to begin reversing this malignancy.

Two days ago a young woman, a visitor to the United States came into my business-place. She would be leaving the country in about two weeks so she wanted to have cell phone service for the remainder of her stay without paying a lot of money.
Her friends or family members had obviously taken her to a company store to get service which cost her (a visitor), over eighty dollars per month(US$80), a sum which represented well over a hundred percent cost increase compared to what she could have sourced in my establishment.

Norman Manley International Airport

Unfortunately for her the establishment where she purchased the device and service had no time for her so her family members brought her to the …….[Jamaican store to fix her problem].
She told me what she wanted, but lied about the type of account she had unwittingly signed up for.
In seeking to get the requisite information in order to be of help to her she became evasive and commenced talking over me. 
So I told her in an [unusually] calm voice that she should take her phone and herself back to where she purchased it if she was going to talk over me and make demands.
She stopped, looked into my eyes long enough to realize that she was out of options and I was dead serious.
I was eventually able to give her service on the same device for much less of what she was initially paying per month.
This brought a big smile to her face. She thanked me and told me “yu too perfect.“!
Insisting that she conduct herself in a respectful and dignified manner, in her eyes is perfection. More stunningly, Perfection is a pejorative, a negative.
Crassness, coarseness, rudeness, disrespect, bad manners are the aspirational tenets Jamaicans now aspire to.
It is what gets them noticed.

In the years in which I have written for this site, I have like a broken record spoken out at the indiscipline, which has taken over our country.
Not only have I bemoaned the breakdown in the rule of law, but I have also consistently pointed to the need to get back to instituting respect and basic manners in our homes.
I have pointed to our public institutions from the parliament on down The coarse discourse, corruption, graft, and theft is reflective of a wider societal rot which is literally stunting the growth and development of this pristine little Island. 
The thing which offends me most are those people who live abroad and have to conduct themselves according to the laws of their adopted countries but revert to hooliganism as soon as they land in Jamaica.
This has got to stop. The government must stop equivocating and pass laws with serious consequences for lawbreaking.
There is nothing wrong with having tough laws, if people do not want to be negatively impacted by them they will obey them.