In Literally every conversations the burning issue of crime is center stage, and correctly so. I looked at the Gleaner’s website and there a headline jumped out at me,  Zero murders in St.James last week.
How freaking awesome is that? Finally, a week in which Jamaicans in a tiny geography were not killing each other (at least as far as we know).
But it is a good thing, a wonderful thing, how great it would be if we could build that out.
Imagine the possibilities if we were to have zero murders across the board for a week, how about a month and dare we dream, how about a year?

Imagine the possibilities as people in the diaspora begin to dream again, dream that finally, maybe, they will be able to return to the land they love?
The land in which the sunshine burns their souls and they love it. The wind cools the fire in them and they crave it, the land where it used to be alright every day and night. Imagine a Jamaica where when we say no problem mon it is not just a meaningless hook?
Imagine the resources returning to the country in the form of pensions, savings, and investments. Imagine jobs, jobs, and more jobs.
It’s okay to dream, and so if we look at St James we realize that it is merely a microcosm of our country. Whatever preceded or aided the lack of bloodshed last week must be recognized.

No one will recognize the heroes who placed their bodies between zealous killers and ordinary people. So let me say thank you to the Police officers and members of the military who are there doing the grunge work and receiving none of the credit.
When the final chapter is written politicians will be praised. The mass of police and military bodies which kept the killers at bay will not be recognized, it will be argued it was their political strategy.

And so I take this opportunity to thank those men and women who are out there day and night risking their lives so that armchair heroes can make judgment calls and grandstand.
The liars who write editorials are unconscionable heathens. They have all of the answers to the problems facing the police department but they never had the courage or the patriotism to speak out against the battering and abuse the  JCF took over the last (5) decades from corrupt, criminal politicians in both political parties.

Since 1962 the consistent and systematic corruption and abuse of the system by politicians in both political parties rendering each and every government agency a cesspool of corruption and inefficiency.
It is a bit rich that those who sit in judgment of the police have the gall to point fingers without the honesty and shame of their own hypocrisy.
No, you are not esteemed because you have a Ph.D. you are not an intellect when you demagogue, you are a cheap opportunistic hack and no amount of letter behind your name changes that, in Jamaica maybe, but certainly not among intelligent people elsewhere.

At the same time, the government and opposition and the bunch of heathens in the civil society are comfortable with and duplicitously silent on the assault on the JCF by Anthony Harriot.
Andrew Holness is set to reinstall him as part of the oversight mechanism even though he holds the men and women of the JCF in such low regard that he wants parts of the department severed from it so that the remainder may be set adrift.
Many find Harriot’s disrespect tolerable even refreshing, why? because he is a Ph.D. That mindset epitomizes why the big man culture has persevered in our country allowing politicians and their cronies to bilk the country and disrespect ordinary people without consequence.
If we ever want t0 to fix our country we must start accepting that we need a country of laws in which each man is just a man. When he steps out of line he must be treated like everyone else.
Maybe, just maybe then we can begin to really expect the average joe on the streets to be more respectful of the nation’s laws.


One thought on “When The Big Man Faces Consequences For His Crimes Average Joe Respect The Laws….

  1. Don’t expect that they are going to take your suggestions because they’re above everyone as their educational background speaks volumes and how dare you challenge the “educator!”

    The “Boasie Slaves” In Jamaica never seems to amaze me! The hatred that these people have for the police force is one that’s not going to go away magically. It’s the disdain that they have harbored among themselves and how they are going to put these poor people’s children in their place. Then in the police force they’re these lackeys and kiss ass fools who are willing to sell their souls for their validation and friendship.

    The Jamaican Constabulary Force and it’s members must realize by now that they don’t have friends in high places of the society.

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