Police officers in the process of effecting an arrest have a right to expect a certain degree of safety not just their own but for that of the offender being arrested.
As such the laws give officers the right and power to tell onlookers to step back and give them a wide berth to do their jobs.
When an officer is so engaged in the lawful pursuits of his/her duty and so orders onlookers to move on or move away the party so ordered must move.
If they refuse to move the police may use as much force as is necessary to move the onlooker who may and usually is arrested for failing to move on.

No one, Press or otherwise has a right to tell officers they are not going to move away, it matters not who you are.
A press ID is not a license to disrespect or disobey a lawful order given by a law enforcement officer in the lawful execution of his/her duties.
I plead with Jamaican officers to be a lot more forceful and decided when effecting arrests as long as the offender being arrested decides to resist.
Whether the person being arrested is Andrew Holness, Peter Phillips or anyone else once you tell the offender they are under arrest and they are ordered to turn around and place their hands behind their backs and they refuse, immediately apply the necessary force to effect the arrest.

That includes taking the offender to the ground and placing him/her in handcuffs and removing the offender from the scene immediately.
Any person who interferes must also be arrested and placed in custody.
We cannot have a country where any person believes they are above being respectful of our law enforcement officers.
No one is above the damn laws, I love the female officer not just a flower in uniform.
What the lapdog incompetent high command should do is tell the Press Association to go to hell and stay there but they won’t they are too shit scared to understand the powers the laws give them. There are far too many ignorant, lawless, opinionated people living on this little swath of land and then there are others with overinflated senses of self.