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Prime Minister Miller and her cabinet:

As Jamaica’s Governor General Sir Patrick Allen delivers the throne speech, laying out the raft of new initiatives the Government plans to undertake for the new fiscal year, it seems Jamaicans have began to tune out the omnipresent promises and platitudes that are the hallmark of the People’s National Party, and the Governing Administration of Portia Simpson Miller.

Jamaican media reports that the traditional throng of party faithfuls that had faithfully formed part of the landscape during the traditional march down Duke street has thinned to a trickle.

The Observer interviewed one party faithful who summed up this new reality this way.”Times hard and some people just can’t bother anymore. It’s because of the economic situation, that affect a lot of persons but you have the die-hearted (committed) who are here rain, shine or hail,” the self-titled “full-fledged supporter of the PNP,” told the Observer.”Times hard and some people just can’t bother anymore. It’s because of the economic situation, that affect a lot of persons but you have the die-hearted (committed) who are here rain, shine or hail,”
the self-titled “full-
fledged supporter of the PNP,” told the Observer.more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/Dwindling-support-for-opening-of-Parliament_14004998#ixzz2Pe3eJsMX












Opposition Leader Holness and other MP’s:

The Opposition (JLP) Jamaica Labor Party has characterized the throne speech as empty.

“I think the general consensus is that there was nothing new or inspirational in the speech for the average householder, citizen or businessperson who [is] concerned about their country. I did not see anything to suggest hope,” Holness told the Observer at the end of the ceremonial opening at Gordon House.Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/-More-empty-promises-_14004796#ixzz2Pe5AcMte

I am forever the optimist, I just wondered to myself, “Are the Jamaican people coming to their senses? Could it be that they are starting to realize that their destiny lies with them and only them and not in Portia Simpson Miller and her brand of parochial base politics? Many will laugh at me for daring to dream that a people who characterize themselves as born PNP and Born JLP could be coming of age, with the reality that these politicians are in it for themselves.

To my doubtful friends I remind you that it wasn’t too long ago when blood ran like river as soon as a new election cycle commenced, not so anymore. Laborites and Comrades voted and danced in the street together over the last two election cycles. Are we where we want to be as a people ? No! but I will take anything, I see this as a sign that the people are starting to realize that they have heard this song and dance before, year after year from both parties and  yet their lives get from bad to worse.

Maybe, just maybe, the strangle-hold Miller and the People’s National Party has on the psyche of the mass of uneducated is breaking. Maybe, just maybe hunger, deprivation, sky-high food prices and electricity bills and stagnant low wages will break the fever. One wonders what the voters thought would have happened this time, when after 181/2 years of one party rule and nothing good came of it but pain.
The solution to our nation’s problems lie with the Jamaican people, through hands and heart and commitment to nation building. It certainly does not lie in a protracted shameful wait on a foreign lending institution for loans to get by.

It’s important for the Jamaican people to realize that over half of the country’s income goes to debt servicing. That is paying interest on the debt the country has already incurred, those payments does not address the principal debt, just the interest payments. Even as  the country engages in this unsustainable practice , it is simultaneously seeking and taking on even more debt, at that rate, soon all the country’s earnings will have to go to paying interest on its debt obligations.

The consequence of this reckless behavior is inevitable economic collapse. One thing is certain, the Government of Portia Simpson Miller does not have the ability to turn the country around, simply because they do not understand a market economy. They fundamentally believe that it’s up to Government to handle the economy, of course, even if that was a good model , they would be the worse possible choice to do so, just look at their track record. The Government believes raising taxes brings more revenue, the reverse is true, it brings less.

Widening the tax base brings in more revenue, reforming the tax code, drastically reducing crime, eliminating government bureaucracy, inviting and promoting investment and eliminating corruption and divesting all Businesses in state control. In other words adopting a market driven , market oriented economy, I will wait to see how long it will take for the people to come to their senses.


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