Simpson Miller
Simpson Miller

Anthony Gomes’ Article in Wednesdays Observer Titled  “Heads continue to roll with impunity in Jamaica” Was particularly potent and instructive. Gomes raised the issue that the Jamaican Government and criminal supporters would much rather see left alone.  Mister Gomes effectively pointed to the fact that Jamaica is in fact prevented from carrying out the will of the people in executing violent murderers by the United Kingdom Privy Council. Even as that body seem to be confused about what should constitute an understanding of capital murder. Mister Gomes stated quote: The majority decision by the Law Lords almost sounds like a play on words, without due concern for the innocent life that has been extinguished. http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/columns/Heads-continue-to-roll-with-impunity-in-Jamaica_16387320

Incidentally that is not just the mentality of the far removed Privy Council, which by the way couldn’t care less about crime in Jamaica.  It is also the view of the pretentious pseudo bourgeois elites in Jamaica. The (neva si cum si)

Jamaica is spiraling out of control because the will of the People have been circumvented for decades. Many Jamaicans have effectively refused to take part in the process, this is a mistake. This enables the idiots to fill the vacuum they leave.  The result is that Jamaicans are now being led by the stupidest in the society. Apathy is not a viable solution, yet it is understandable in a country with such a high rate of illiteracy. Progressive intelligent people feel overwhelmed by the hoards of illiterates, looking for nothing more than a belly full. In National Elections held December 29th 2011  reports from the Electoral Office of Jamaica indicates that only just over 50 per cent of the entire voting population voted on Election Day 2011. This low voter turnout may have thrown off the prediction of opinion polls to some extent. The win by the PNP shocked even its leaders, such as Peter Phillips who said that “the results certainly exceeded our most optimistic scenarios. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jamaican_general_election,_2011.

You can’t make these facts up. The PNP did not expect to win, they knew they had screwed the Country Royally and did not deserve  to be handed the reins of Government again anytime soon. Someone commented recently that all the good people have left Jamaica, that is not true. The majority of the Jamaican people are still decent good people, they have just chosen to remain silent in the face of this scourge that was unleashed on their way of life. They feel powerless to do anything about it, so they remain silent.

Finance Minister Dr Peter Phillips
Finance Minister
Dr Peter Phillips

In the process of remaining silent they allowed the entire Jamaica to be infected with the mentality of Saint Andrew South Western .

The Country slides deeper into bankruptcy daily. Jamaica’s debt stood at a staggering Jam$1.7 trillion in 2012. The Leadership is not only incompetent it is corrupt. They are virtually untouchable by law enforcement. The Courts which was once seen as a beacon of hope standing between the two bands of criminals in both sides of the political divide, is now from all appearances wallowing in the mud of corruption. It is a viscous self-perpetuating cycle which feeds on itself. The top is dirty, the lawyers are having a field day defending the criminals brought before the courts.  They know if certain measures are adopted crime will drastically decrease. It is no wonder that trial lawyers in Jamaica are hell-bent against the rule of law.