There are conflicting reports surrounding a cache of weapons which was intercepted by US Customs and Border Protection (CBT) and Outbound Enforcement Team (OET) at the US airport on November 13. The shipment was reportedly destined for Montego Bay Jamaica.

Reports indicate the cache of a hundred and nineteen(119) weapons of varying calibers and 200 rounds of assorted ammunition, as well as firearm parts, were discovered by cops who later coordinated with their Jamaican counterparts.
It is reported that a sting was set up on the Jamaican end but the consignee, a woman who was employed to PNP Councillor Michael Troupe as his secretary.
The million dollar question is,” who told the consignee not to turn up to receive the shipment”?
If there was a collaboration between Florida law enforcement and Jamaican authorities, as have been reported, it is important to know who was in possession of said information in Jamaica where the leak was certain to have emanated from?

Michael Troupe

Reports indicate that no one turned up to receive the shipment, which is incredibly odd on the face of it. Why wouldn’t the person/s to whom this massive shipment of guns and ammunition not turn up to receive the shipment, unless of course, someone tipped them off that the shipment was already intercepted by law enforcement?
The question which must be asked at this point is, who in the corrupt Jamaican sewer had access to the information that a sting was set up to nab the recipient?

As soon as the story broke the PNP issued a statement indicating that the woman to whom the shipment was consigned was at one time in the employ of Troupe but three months ago she walked off the job without even giving a reason for leaving.
More digging reveals that that statement may have been a lie.
The PNP has been scrambling to distance itself from this hot potato even as it pretends to be aggressively interested in a rapid resolution of this toxic matter.

Troupe has since hired a lawyer who has intimated that the statement put out by the PNP may have been premature.
Troupe attorney Henry McCurdy insists “We do not know if the name that appears in the social media post is the same person who worked for Mr. Troupe and left her job without even saying to Councillor Troupe that she was leaving the job.
She just walked off the job and never returned.”
How convenient?

Troupe in cuffs for alleged lotto scamming

In the meantime, Michael Troupe has taken to social media to try to ingratiate himself with the public and to offer his own take on events even as he threatens to see whoever questions his integrity in court.
Trying to intimidate critics using threats of legal action is a common tact employed by well-placed criminals when they are unable to gun down their victims.
Said Michael Troupe “I have made meaningful contributions to my country, my parish and, of course, my division. Therefore, for all those who are slandering my name, I am prepared to see you in court. I stand tall in the face of adversity.”


In 2012 Michael Troupe was one of two parish councilors in the People’s National Party arrested for lotto-scamming.
Michael Troupe, the then deputy mayor of Montego Bay; and Sylvan Reid, who represented the Salt Spring Division — were among five persons taken into custody by the police in connection with the lottery scam.
At the time the Police said they seized a large sum of cash and motor vehicles in the pre-dawn raids at the homes of both politicians.

The latest on this is that the woman in question received payment from Councillor Troupes as late as three weeks ago.
Troupe shot back that even though she was paid by his office three weeks ago she had long left his employ.
Troupe went on to say that in fact, it was because of the untimely nature of payments to workers why the woman in question left his employ.
This latest statement contradicts earlier statements made by Troupe that he had no idea why the woman walked off the job.

Whether Troupe bears any culpability in this matter is yet to be determined by the Police. Personally, I will not hold my breath with this Police Department that it is capable of conducting an investigation without fear or favor.
Between the corruption, lack of know-how and the fear inherent in these cops I hardly expect a positive outcome for the nation despite the fact that the woman in question is now reportedly in their custody and is being questioned.

Wherever there is smoke there is fire, wherever there is a lot of smoke there is likely a big fire.
This incident is an eye opener for the Jamaican people. Many of us have been saying for a long time that there is a lot of connections behind the massive amounts of weapons which have been flooding the Island.

Oh for a Police Department which is unafraid and unconcerned about where investigations will lead and simply follow the evidence where it leads?