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This cannot be all we are capable of , we are better than this>

Jamaica’s greatest asset is not to be found in the earth, it is not Bauxite,or Alumina, it certainly isn’t oil as some believe. Jamaica’s future is in it’s people, it’s human resource. In order to tap into that resource the country needs leadership. Visionary leadership free from corruption and vice. Ask yourselves does the country have that leadership presently? The Nation of 2.8 million people needs to be reoriented toward nation building, the people must eschew violence, embrace God, family and country over self. Jamaicans are bright creative people who only want a chance.

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Opposition leader Andrew Holness.

The country trains people in many disciplines, as soon as training ends these young people, armed with degrees and certificates are looking for a way out. They look for a way out, not because they are ungrateful or unpatriotic they do so because they need jobs. It is impossible for the best and brightest of our people to emigrate and our country remain viable.

Jamaica loses two-fold, it loses the tax dollars invested in training students and it loses the individuals who take their skills to other shores. How will we become a developed country this way? building bridges and highways is good, they do not make a country a first world country. We must start developing and keeping our young people.

The high levels of criminality and the complexity of some criminal acts, are testament to the ingenuity of the people, these actions are an indictment on the present leadership which has been woefully inept at everything except subjecting the country  to greater poverty.The future of the country cannot be one which embraces hand-outs.

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Vale Royal the Prime Minister’s residence.

No country may progress which encourages it’s people to depend on Government for handouts. In fact Government should not be in the business of creating dependency. The Jamaican people were never a people who depended on others. This Government has created a nation of beggars.  Building a country on dependency and freeness is taking from one and giving to another. Soon no one will have anything, our country is very close to that point.



One thought on “Where Will The Leadership Come From?

  1. Mike , corruption has been Jamaica’s “Achilles heel” from ever since the country was granted independence . Corruption in this context is not restricted to golden hand shakes and kick backs , it goes far beyond that, it includes the manipulation of the system of governance for political expedience , often to the detriment of the country . We don’t have to go too far to highlight this the recent appointment of Colin Campbell, a past Cabinet Minister , who was embroiled in the Trafigura affair is a perfect example . This man has absolutely no experience in managing a major establishment or expertise in logistics , yet he was appointed to head the JUTC , a company that’s haemorrhaging . Waist of our country’s resources has deepened the country’s debt, causing millions which could be used to develop this country, to be diverted instead to repay debt, all because of the selfish acts of our politicians . Industries cannot survive in such a climate , capital flight becomes a reality , no job available for our youths and brain drain becomes an inevitability . Indeed what we need are incorruptible politicians , who are visionaries ( a utopian thought I must add) but probable . We might have criticised Michael Manley for not being a realist , he was at least saying something and had ideas and was a visionary in his own right , despite the concerns of his confrontational styled politics . It is this status quo , which created the dependency syndrome for which these very politicians are paying dearly , for as it now stands it is unsustainable. We need to fix this, by having a new breed of politicians . I like Holness , but it seems he is fighting an up hill task , I hope he succeeds , he is one of the neo- politicians that can make a difference . Lets see , I wish him all the best .

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