Asked by MSNBC’s  Alex Witt,  about Donald Trump’s alleged infidelities and dalliances, the head of Samaritan’s Purse and son of renowned televangelist Billy Graham, Franklyn Graham said the following.

“He said he didn’t say it,” Graham said. “I don’t think any of those senators if he did use that language, have heard that word for the first time. I’m sure that’s a word they’ve used before, I think there’s a little hypocrisy here.”
“We have a businessman who is a president, not a politician, but a businessman,” Graham said. “We should all be grateful that he’s brought his knowledge to Washington and he’s helping to turn this economy around.”

For the record Donald Trump the supposed businessman filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy a staggering six (6) times and backed up by PolitiFact.May estimates have circulated which stated that Trump had filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection a total of four (4) times which conflicts with Politifact’s finding of six.
Questioned, Trump told Washington Post reporters that he counted the first three bankruptcies as just one.

“Reverend, you just told me that this country has a sin problem and I know you’ve no doubt heard that the president is accused of having his lawyer pay $130,000 to a former porn star allegedly for her silence about his sexual encounter while he’s married,” Witt said. “The previous allegations as well, that access “Access Hollywood” tape, does that challenge your faith in the president?”

Does the president have a sin problem?” Witt asked. “I can promise you he is not President Perfect,” Graham shot back.
“But, sir, can you understand how there are those that are crying hypocrisy? When for example, the New York Daily Newseditorial on Thursday accuses some Christian leaders, like Gary Bauer who supports the president for being hypocrites, for saying absolutely nothing about the Stormy Daniels matter,” Witt said. “When people cry there are hypocrites there within the evangelical community, can you understand that criticism?”

Well, first of all, President Trump I don’t think has admitted to having an affair with this person and so, this is just a news story, I don’t know if it’s accurate.”
“Now did he have an affair with this woman? I have no clue, but I believe that 70 years of age, the president is a much different person today than he was four years ago, five years ago, ten years ago or whatever and we just have to give the man the benefit of the doubt,” Graham continued. “He said he didn’t do it, so okay, let’s say he didn’t do it.”
“I don’t think it’s hypocritical because he’s a flawed man, for me to try to support him and help him and pray for him,” Graham said. “I’m a flawed person. and I would hate for people to see all the baggage I have in my life, but the fact is that God has forgiven me and I’ve asked for his forgiveness, and I think the president has, too.”


Well, there you have it no matter what the charge is against you if you deny it you are absolved from culpability and responsibility according to the Gospel of Franklyn Graham.
About then President Barack Obama in 2012 Franklyn Graham said he believes President Barack Obama may or may not be Christian while expressing his belief that GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum’s moral stances show him to be a “man of faith.”

Many people have been aghast at the blatant hypocrisy of not just Republican Politicians but at the Evangelical movement which has ignored the divorces, accusations of infidelity and sexual abuse charges leveled against him and the confirmation of those abuse from his own mouth, on that Hollywood extra bus.
Many juxtapose his behavior and the multiplicity of horrible things which comes out of his mouth daily against the allegations of infidelity leveled against President Bill Clinton in the 90’s and they come away convinced that the white Evangelical movement is at best filled with hypocrites.

Their treatment of President Barack Obama and his family, despite the graciousness and class with which the Obama’s conducted themselves, could only be characterized as blatantly and disgustingly ignorant and racist.

However not every white Evangelical feels that Trump should be given a free pass.
Andy Crouch, executive editor of Christianity Today, an evangelical magazine founded by Billy Graham, wrote “Enthusiasm for a candidate like Trump gives our neighbors ample reason to doubt that we believe Jesus is Lord.”” “They see that some of us are so self-interested and so self-protective, that we will ally ourselves with someone who violates all that is sacred to us — in hope, almost certainly a vain hope given his mendacity and record of betrayal, that his rule will save us.

Don’t wonder about the fact that young college educated people are not following in the footsteps of their parents in adhering to Religious teachings.
When the words of those who set themselves up as anointed voices for the word of God, yet what drips from their lips are lies, racist and hypocritical dogma the educated and discerning can see straight through them.