The Jamaican people get nothing from Delroy Chuck’s so-called SENTENCE REDUCTION DAY.
The people get “NOTHING” from the giveaway of these arbitrary 50% reduction in sentences,”ZERO”.
Why would the Government under any circumstances be engaged in giving these massive reductions in sentences without getting anything in return?
The cost vastly outweighs any perceived benefit which may be arrived at as it relates to unclogging the court dockets.
Now DELROY CHUCK is actively engaged in expunging the criminal records of convicted felons.
Andrew Holness PM
A felon’s record is a vital tool for law enforcement, why would a single individual be working to dismantle the foundations of law enforcement in a country which is already flooded with crime?
The country is alleged to have hundreds of gangs if at all those concessions are offered to offenders it should be to gather evidence on the Gangs and on individuals who are engaged in criminal activities.
Delroy Chuck Justice Minister
That intelligence should not be just in the form of giving police a few names but should be actionable intelligence which bears fruits before the deal any deal is consummated.
So while the people clamor for police accountability and police productivity elements of the Government are actively engaged in making the job of law enforcement exponentially more difficult.