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But in a submission distributed during the committee meeting, human rights group Jamaicans For Justice (JFJ) suggested that Parliament should go even further and introduce a “three strikes you are out of the force” policy for belligerent members of the police force.The proposals included the introduction of a Police Reform Act that would reform police disciplinary procedure, including a ‘three strikes you are out of the force’ policy; the failure of police officers to participate in INDECOM investigations to be deemed a breach of their employment contract with the Government; removal of the need for INDECOM to prove “misconduct” before getting the authority to investigate “incidents” and to include “possible abuse of powers” in the issues; and to give INDECOM a statutory duty to play a role in disciplining errant police, as well as in observing and participating in internal disciplinary procedures for security officers who abuse citizens’ human rights or whose actions/omissions lead to loss to the State or citizens.Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/Bunting-welcomes-INDECOM-judgement–JFJ-wants-more_14795775#ixzz2ajIPPUIZ.

Here’s what’s important, Peter Bunting just days ago, thought that  INDECOM had too much power, in fact his exact words were “this agency is too powerful”. We commented on that in Blog post titled >Revamp,re-do, re-authorize INDECOM !

Bunting’s premise for the position he took regarding INDECOM was that the Act, as constituted had “huge consequences for national security and public interest”. At time the Minister made those rational statements, we agreed with him that the police force needed oversight, but putting another agency over the police and military, staffed with people who have no training or experience in Military of Police procedures was grossly misguided. When that is juxtaposed with the narcissistic behavior of the head of INDECOM Terrence Williams, it leads rational thinkers to be very worried for Jamaica.

We would like to know what pressure was brought to bear on the minister of National Security, between the time he thought INDECOM had too much power and yesterday, and by whom? Our country’s National Security policy cannot be dictated by a too-bit criminal lobby with an agenda!

No one denies the need for police reform, in fact police officers  makes it necessary that there is oversight of their actions. The hierarchy of the police force has failed miserably to effectively recruit, train and supervise proper candidates to the Jamaica Constabulary force, the result of that is ,woefully flawed candidates which has brought the once proud agency to its knees. However a strong disciplined competent police force is in everyone’s interest, unless of course you are a criminal or a group which benefits from tearing down the police force for personal gains. Like vultures, smelling blood, this criminal lobby JFJ is not content with the rulings of the courts in the interest of the people. Through the leadership of Carolyn Gomes, the incompetent Government has allowed her to single-handedly dismantle  and the demoralize the police agency,  to satisfy her personal prejudices.

Carolyn Gomes has gotten overly powerful in Jamaica, it has become clear that she feels she can have the Government do whatever she wants. She has powerful backers in International circles with money to burn. Many of these monied interest wants Jamaica mired in poverty and crime. That’s how small nations are kept subservient. It is time to put an end to this madness. This woman is a plant, none of the backers of Carolyn Gomes can influence the rule of law, the administration of rights and justice, nor the legislation and implementation of law enforcement policy in their respective countries.

Police officers must have latitude to do their job, it cannot be that those we ask to protect us are afraid to act, even when their own lives are in jeopardy. I suggest Jamaican cops show up to work, do the minimum, collect their paychecks and go home to their families. Allow the Government, Gomes and those on the Constitutional Court to figure it out. Follow this suggestion and many will be taking one of the many flights out, the exodus has already started.

6 thoughts on “Who Pressured The Minister To Change His Mind, And Why?

  1. Growing up as a boy in Central Kingston and Rockforth my surroundings was littered with the worst society had to offer and they were supporters of both political parties more so the PNP there was no work so politicans let off a ting and these men became loyal to them ,hence the politicans has to protect them when they commit crimes they are represented by well known lawyers .The Communist PNP party do not like police and they do every thing in their power to wrestle away power from police so their members will have a easy time after committing crimes ,all the origination that fight the police has been born out of the communist party the PNP ,i remember in the seventies when a PNP supporter was allegedly to have burn down the poor house nothing came of it he was represented by high profile lawyers that was a sight for sure eye just because they say the poor house people vote for labour .this is what i want the police to do protect their family and themselves when a crime is reported collect the statement and file it do nothing out the ordinary i am sick and tired of the communist PNP party

    1. As a young cop the Workers Party (WPJ) had my face center stage on the front of the party publication (The Struggle), I was a young officer stationed at the Mobile Reserve ,and attached to the Ranger Squad, as I have written in a book yet to be published and in these blogs,my only crime was standing firm (no pun intended)and preventing them from invading the grounds of Jamaica House to attack the Prime Minister Edward Seaga who happened to have been in office at the time. It is nothing new I also ran into Portia Simpson Miller who came up to White Hall Avenue when her brigands were not allowed to steal ballot boxes from the polling station @ the White Hall avenue school. She rolled in the streets and bawled that we were harassing her supporters. Never mind that her constituency of south west st Andrew is miles away from St Andrew North.She apologized when a certain well-know strong -man arrived from another PNP enclave. Trevor Monroe , also apologized to me after a family member of his intervened and showed him the error of his ways. I have also had my share of run-ins with the other party as well.

  2. Mike , firstly we must not loose sight of the fact that Bunting is a politician and like most creatures of his kind changes to the tune of his parties position and the masses of the electorate when its expedient and if it enhances his position and raises his profile . I was not at all surprise at the present change in position of Bunting, he has not been impressive in his portfolio as Minister as far as I am concern . It was noted too in the news report you posted on his position on the INDECOM issue, prior to the courts ruling , that he was giving his personal opinion and not as the Minister of Security. The question is , when he made the last pronouncement , did he have on the hat of the Minister or giving his personal opinion. I agree with most of the point you made as to the need for an oversight body for the Force, which as far I am concern is crucial and indeed critical for transparency , the problem is granting power to an overzealous Terrence Williams IDECOM’S present boss ,could lead to chaos within the Force . On the Other hand Carolyn Gomes can ask for all she wants ,as far as what she and her organisation is seeking , I don’t think a Government as ours will be jumping to the tune of Jamaican’s for Justice songs any time soon especially if they , prima faci , are absurd, unrealistic and oppressive and that could lead to lackluster performance of the force , lets see how this unravels .

    1. Interesting perspective Mac. we shall see, My problem is not with oversight, in fact having spoken to many officers from top to bottom they welcome oversight, or what they call(pressure groups)not sure why , when no other workers have to risk their lives to earn a living, much less wit so called pressure groups monday morning quarter backing everything they do.What they are concerned about is the narcissistic egomania of Terrence Williams.Don’t forget his meeting with Gomes, it was improper and he should have been fired then.

      1. Mike , I never got the impression that you were against the structure of INDECOM , I new your concern was with its boss , Terrence Williams . the reason for the officers, with whom you spoke , willingness to acquiesce to the establishment of an institution such as INDECOM , is that they want to ensure that there is transparency and that rogue cops are held in check . Having cops investigating themselves have been problematic and seen as a conflict of interest and also raises the perception that there was no equity in such an arrangement . Personally , I think we should not be worrying too much about Mr. William’s narcissistic disposition , that shine will soon looses its lustre , he thinks he is operating in a sterile environment , but already he is encountering challenges . His unilateral engagement without cooperation of the force , will wear him down making him ineffective. I , like you, wants balance in the system in other words equity . I echo the words of the people on the street ” we want justice “

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