Following on my comments on the upcoming  elections recently, I will continue to expand on what I see to be a despicable cowardice and connivance in these upcoming national elections. You may be surprised to learn that I am referring to Democrats.

  It has become clear… well at least to me, that there are two distinct wings in the democratic party.The last two term democratic president Bill Clinton has left an indelible impression on the party. He is considered the actual defacto leader of the party.

Hillary and Bill Clinton are still incredibly popular in the party, as such many who were never on the Obama express, whisper that Hillary should have gotten the Nomination over Barack Obama. I’m not quite sure what is the formula for that determination.

George Washington reportedly turned down being crowned King, telling the people that they ran away from the British King and as such America did not need a King, smart man.


However if recent comments by Anne Romney are anything to go by Quote “It’s our time , it’s Mitt’s time” such presumptuous arrogance.http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/outta_my_house_E18WZXIicMJEpoPxHeDscN It seem the Romneys believe that they are entitled to the presidency.

 It seem that America is headed the way of a type of plutocratic Monarchy of sorts. Recent Supreme Court decision citizens United has also signalled with some degree of certainty that the country is indeed headed for , if not already a plutocracy.

The Clinton Wing of the Democratic party is the liberal equivalent of the Tea-party in my estimation. Many of them still have not gotten over the loss Hilary Clinton suffered at the hands of Barack Obama.

It was democrats who started the despicable nastiness in Pennsylvania and Ohio during the Primaries between Hillary and Barack. It was so-called democrats who were showing up with the card-board caricatures. After the primaries were over  republicans simply picked up where the so-called working class whites in Pennsylvania and Ohio left off.

 I make that argument in light of the glaring chasm in the numbers, as it relates to Obama and whites.  I believe if these voters were in Obama’s column this race would have been a foregone conclusion.

Bill Clinton did not have to do so much when he was president, he had Paul Begala, James Carville, George Stephanalous and many others including some who were simply in it for what they could get out of it. Hillary Clinton had the entire congressional black caucus as surrogates. The question is where is the congressional black caucus ? Why are they not out there as surrogates for this president?

This month’s job number of 69 thousand, though nothing to crow about is a far cry from when Obama took office and the economy was hemorrhaging 700 thousand jobs per month. Though not fantastic I will readily take 69 thousand jobs created as against 700 thousand lost.

Republicans have  blocked  the president  at every turn, why would the electorate reward them for bad behavior?  The jobs bill which Boehner refuses to bring to the floor of the house would , by many estimates create hundreds of thousands of construction jobs, which in turn would create a positive cascading snow-ball effect on the economy.

When that jobs bill is added to the over 2 trillion dollars reportedly in the hands of big businesses, yet they refuse to hire workers , it leaves little doubt that there is a conspiracy afoot to jam Obama’s presidency at every turn.

Big businesses want to return to the Bush years which saw the country’s economy reach the brink of ruination.Nno regulations, and unconscionable craven tax cuts for the 1% . In Mitt Romney they have A perfect empty vessel who stand for nothing and will do the exact bidding of the 1%.

Grover Norquist their no tax guru they all pledged to , have stated that they only need a president to sign the Bills that gets shoveled to his desk. Romney is that person.

The tragedy in all of this is that the electorate, which many credit with being intelligent, seem willing to reward obstructionist republicans who have lifted not one finger to end their suffering and has made it clear that they stand with big business. They seem prepared to give power back  to them so they can get back to tax cuts for the rich, deregulation, Ponzi gambling by big banks ,wild unregulated speculating by other financial institutions, massive destruction to the environment by large corporations, and illegal unfunded foreign wars.

Never mind the monthly shedding of 700 thousand jobs when the president took office.

Never mind almost 4 years of obstructionist tactics from republicans.

Never mind that when he took office no one knew where the bottom would be, when would it end.

Never mind that over 4 million jobs were created under Obama’s watch.

Never mind the auto industry was saved and fully solvent.

Never mind that manufacturing is coming back to America.

Never mind that most of the top tiered leadership of Al Qaeda has been eradicated.

Never mind that the King-pin Osama Bin Laden has been neutralized.

Never mind that this president has passed universal health care , something no other democratic president was able to do.

Never mind that this president has passed several laws and given support to women and people whom have been out of the so-called mainstream before.

Never mind that this president repealed “don’t ask, don’t tell”.

Never mind that this president signed the Lilly Ledbetter act into law.

Never mind that the president ended the Iraq war

Never mind that this president has restored the country to prominence and respectability on the world’s stage.

Never mind that this president in his first term has opened up the market place for green energy and has allowed more leases for oil and natural gas drilling,  even more than his predecessor, a drill baby drill  president Bush.

Never mind that on the question of immigration this president has deported more people out of this country than any other president. Acquiescing exactly to what the lunatic  right wants, yet he is accused of not upholding America’s laws.

There are more than adequate reasons for this president to run on his record and be easily re-elected. Where are the democrats wo are supposed to be out there trumpeting this president’s record of accomplishment?

The fact of the matter is, whenever things fall apart they allow a black guy to have a go at it, ask David Dinkins about that. The programs he started were all credited to the egomaniacal Rudolph Giuliani. Yet most if not all of those initiatives were started by David Dinkins. Yet they have effectively scrubbed the Dinkins mayoralty from the annals of New York City dialogue as if it never happened.

To his discredit neither Dinkins nor the lily liveried democrats have stood up to the pompous little egomaniac Rudolph Giuliani, they allowed them to use revisionist history to distort and destroy his legacy.

They will attempt to do the same to Obama, as they have done repeatedly to President Jimmy Carter. Over and over again they have ridiculed President Carter as an abject failure, the everything that was wrong with democratic presidents, weak feckless, indecisive. The truth is they wont mention the failures they have had, from Hoover all the way down to bush 43rd.

Democrats have allowed republicans to use the military to launch illegal and unauthorised wars all over the globe to satisfy large corporations, and they sign on as lambs to the slaughter, afraid of being labeled weak. President Carter’s presidency was defined by the debacle in the Arabian desert, had it succeeded his presidency would have been seen in a different light. Never mind that the same principle applied to Obama’s decision to go after Bin Laden the way he did.  Had he failed his presidency would have been over, the  similarities are uncanny.

Yet despite the monumental risk Obama took to neutralize Bin Laden, entering a sovereign nation(Pakistan) without authorization, (as he said he would as candidate Obama) it did not stop Donald Rumsfeld from saying it was an easy decision to make, a decision which required no more than 15 minutes, 12 of which should have been spent on coffee break.

Donald Rumsfeld former Defense secretary was eventually fired by president Bush, an abject failure.

People on the left do not have real fighters looking out for their interest. Democrats are feckless cowards. Republicans set the agenda , distort the facts and campaign and govern by lies. Democrats do nothing about it.

If president Obama loses this election his party will be responsible, not republicans.

Republicans do what they do, they do not care about anything but power and the cause of the filthy rich. they do not hide that, they allowed the country’s AAA credit rating to be downgraded over a procedural measure,( raising the credit limit). They refuse to pass a bill which would put workers back to work, politics at it’s worse.

If a party can risk the economic viability of the country to further  political ends ,there is no telling what else they will do to gain power.

Democrats will lose  if they once again fail to communicate this to the electorate.