KINGSTON, Jamaica — Justice Lennox Campbell, presiding judge in the murder trial of Vybz Kartel, a short while ago declared that the meeting between a juror and a defence lawyer will not affect the case.“It was an innocent meeting and it is most unlikely that it will in any way affect the proceedings before the court,” Justice Campbell said after a meeting Tuesday morning in chambers with the offending juror.The juror is alleged to have visited the offices of a defence attorney over the Christmas holidays seeking audience with the lawyer. The matter was reportedly brought to the attention of Justice Campbell and previously discussed in a meeting that included attorneys for the Crown and the defendants in the case. The trial continues on Thursday.–Meeting-between-juror-and-defence-lawyer-will-not-affect-trial—judge

Whoa wait just a minute, how can Lennox Campbell , the trial judge make such definitive statements without being there during the visit. Why would a juror hearing the case, with a view to impartially decide innocence/guilt of the accused go to the Defense Counsel for supposed audience? Why not seek audience with the Judge? ( even though these Jamaican judges are no different than defense counsel)  What would be the position of the Defense team if a sitting juror had gone to seek audience with the prosecutor? What would be the position of the sitting Judge (Lennox Campbell) had the juror gone to seek audience with the Prosecutor? And by the way where is the Prosecutor in this matter?

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Paula Llewellyn (DPP)

Who looks out for the people’s interest? Under this Director of Public prosecution the lines seem visibly blurred. There never seem to be any evidence of wrong doing on the part of anyone really except if you are a poor cop. What was said in that meeting between the defense lawyer and juror? Is there an audio/video transcript of the meeting, otherwise how could the Judge conclude as he did? Why is the reason for the meeting not made public, at least to remove the impression of impropriety by the defense? Did defense counsel inform the court about the visit, If not why?  If defense counsel did not inform the court , who did? If defense counsel did not inform the court about the visit, what was defense thinking why it did not believe it appropriate or prudent to do so? Why is this judge in such hurry to brush this aside and move on? This is a murder case for God’s sake, where is the judicial fidelity to the law?


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Justice must not only be done , it must also appear to be done. who speaks for the families of the deceased? It is shocking, the decided nature of the Judges comments in this, what appears to be a serious breach of procedure, which may have far reaching implications for innocence or guilt? Here is why neither Lennox Campbell nor any other Jamaican judge should be taken at face value, the public need to know more.

We cannot accept, should not accept the word of a Jamaican Judge anymore, they long gave up that confidence the public placed in them. Not all are questionable, yet enough are, we should all be wary.