It’s much easier to shoot the messenger than give up our safe places in our heads, be dragged away from the comfort zones we created in our own minds.

If You Believe The ZOSO Will Have An Impact On Murders You Deserve To Be Conned ….

So we continue to dwell in places of unreality rather than assess the message and change.
Instead of heeding the warning beacon from the lighthouse and turn the ship around we continue right into the rocks,  all while telling ourselves the light is beckoning us to come closer.

ZOSO -So So ?

It is rather unfortunate that the Jamaican people have allowed themselves to be tribalized by the two political parties that they see literally everything through the lens of the party they support.
It is a new kind of control on the minds of the masses which causes them to slavishly embrace lies and propaganda as  facts at the expense of truth and reason.

Holness Has No Standing To Tell Cops Not To Kill Anyone..Zones Law Cynical Attempt To Place Blame On Police…

What the hell are you talking about Mike?
Well, to begin with, there is the avalanche of feedback I get, some printable others not so much regarding my stance on the recently enacted (ZOSO) law, ha ha ha .

“Oh, why are you so negative”?
“Why can’t you wait and see if it will work”?
“Give the thing a chance kumred .” This one really cracks me up though, me a kumred.

Two Competing Philosophies, Neither Has The Potential For A Positive Outcome

Now, why would I wait to see if a barrel rolling downhill toward the sea will end up in the sea?
What are the chances that -that barrel will suddenly change or defy the laws of gravity, turn around and head back up the hill?
Okay while you ponder that probability I am going to move on to facts and things which can actually happen.
You know just like I said ZOSO was not a crime policy it was a smoke screen designed to pacify you?
Look there are some things this administration is doing right, the ZOSO law is not one of them.

Peter Phillips Opposition leader.

The dollar is kinda stable, according to some reports, there are more people employed than ever before even though I would question whether much of those jobs are not public sector jobs created by the myriad government agencies?
Big Government at work, don’t get me wrong, to a man who needs to eat a job is a job private or public sector.
Never mind that the other political party would do the same, they are the architects of big dysfunctional government.
They tax everyone blindly then give the money to loyalists for jobs they never show up to do or from which there is no return on investment.

Peter Bunting, no credibility on crime.
Once said crime required divine intervention.

I lay no claim to fame for predicting accurately the outcomes which would emanate from the execution of ZOSO.
You heard it here first, spelled it out in detail and explained why ZOSO could not work.
Yup, I likened the flooding of certain areas with police and military bodies to a little water in a tied balloon, squeeze one end and the water rushes to the other end of the balloon.

I said it was not a crime strategy because it wasn’t at conception and it still isn’t on execution.
The arrogance and indeed the ignorance of some within the ruling labor party as it relates to this fiasco is stunningly palpable.
Street criminals are certainly not as stupid as their contemporaries who double as politicians.
Why would anyone expect criminals to sit and wait for cops to come arrest them and take their expensive automatic weapons?

Of course, crime would increase in other areas as a result of this fiasco.
I said so because I know what the hell I am talking about.
Interestingly, this bit of social engineering will fail like all of the other attempts at putting the lock on the runaway crime on the Island.

The fact is that Jamaica is a good place for criminals to ply their trade. It is really bad and it’s going to get even worse because word gets around really fast that Jamaica is open for criminal business.
These mental retards who run our affairs have no idea what they are opening up our country for.
Stay tuned and put your seatbelts on.