Nationalism is great we swell up with pride when we hear the national anthem (some of us do), we proud until we wanna buss, (colloquial slang)when Usain and Shell-Ann, and Elaine and Asafa and others burn up the tracks leaving everyone in the dust.
We will not be told that Reggae music is not the best music ever.
Never mind that some of us never listened to reggae until all of Europe, Africa, and Asia fell in love with the music and the musicians.



In fact, many of us did not want Bob anywhere near our precious uptown enclave of Hope road, we claim him now though, we even refer to him as “Bob”, we are on a  first name basis.
The boogy-yagga reggae music wasn’t even played on the radio except late on Saturday nights on JBC FM, (a dread at the controls). The pulsating rhythms of the reggae beat we fell in love with we heard on the sound systems, not on fame FM or RJR.


We Jamaicans are a fiercely nationalistic people, in fact, “nu weh nu betta dan yard” is not just a slang, it is not only memorialized in our music a-la Tinga Stewart, it is part of our pop culture.”Never mind that many of us are singing nu weh nu betta dan yard from farin or singing from yaad after wi get deport.

The iconic Louise Bennett Coverly, miss Lou..


Never mind that though we are here.
Wouldn’t it be nice though if we attached that nationalistic fervor to whats happening with crime?
Wouldn’t it be nice if we took pride in our country by not killing each other? How about not dumping trash and the non-bio degradable garbage into gullies and streams?
How about we show our love for country by holding thieving politicians accountable?

Reggae Artist Ishawna

How in hell does a mere statement by Ishawna who referenced Miss Lou become a pariah simply by saying “mi nu wear table claat like miss Lou.”
Give me a damn break, save me the faux outrage okay, she was not dissing Miss Lou she merely used miss Lou’s name because miss Lou popularized bandana.
How many of the faux nationalists ever wore bandana? None, nada zilch.
Get off your high horses already.
I am so sick of the fake nationalists who talk about never leaving yaad, then find out they never left because they never got a visa.


Since we are so patriotic why can’t we love everyone, why is it that we can only love one at a time?

Why can’t we love both women who demonstrably come from two different eras and go take several seats with the ad hominin attacks on Ishawna?
Does she have to be a devil because you may not agree with what she said.
Save the outrage you hypocrites and parasites, “sorry Bob“.


Tanya Stephens

I loved the iconic miss Lou and guess what I also like Ishawna, in fact just to piss off the Pharisees who criticize and attack everyone whose views does not line up with theirs, I also love me some Tanya Stephens, so there.
She is a terrific artist and lyricist.


Look, Jamaica is a very sweet, place beautiful and all.
Lord knows I wish we had good leadership I wouldn’t live anywhere else.
But let’s not get carried away many of you are bitter, bad minded and grudgeful people who can only hate.
So stop with the damn fake Nationalistic bullshit.Patriotism is not defined by geography, or what one says about a piece of cloth or even someone you revere. Get over yourselves.
Glad I got that out, I feel much better now.