People discuss racism in the abstract as if its a new strain of deadly virus for which there is no antidote. In an effort not to offend sensibilities we tiptoe around this insidious and deadly scourge without discussing the most important aspect of racism which is the critical issue of attribution.

Look, I get the idea of not alienating allies in any war, but the idea that white liberals who are finally on the side of whats right by finally standing up for human dignity and decency would be offended if we call out white racism is absurd.
Those who would be offended by our direct attribution of racism to the rightful perpetrators were never our allies in the first place.

It is far better to go into battle with a small army of true believers than a large crowd of wishy-washy mamby-pambys who are not committed to the cause.
Black people continue to pay a tremendous price in blood and treasure to this country despite having slaved and died for over four hundred years without having received a single penny of compensation.

The agonizing murders and mutilations, rapes and assaults on black bodies by white slavers cannot be ignored or forgotten. But it did not end there, The chain-gangs, Jim Crow, the prison Industrial complex and the unchecked murderous police assaults on people of color remain and continue day by day.
Despite these more well-documented instances of incomprehensible barbarism whites have visited on blacks, there are the much more nuanced examples of mental retardation which are not so well know.

These incidences, for example, include a black Chicago man who was shot and injured in the early 1960’s on a hunting trip. His friends took him from hospital to hospital to save his life at every hospital they were turned away.
Turned away, because of the color of his skin, he bled out and died.

Gregory Vaughn Hill Jr murdered by police in his own home because he was allegedly playing his music too loud.
A lawyer for the family said he was left scratching his head at the pointedly paltry settlement award.

We have to reconcile these instances of egregious inhumanity with a Florida jury which awarded four cents to the family of a black man murdered by police in his own garage behind a closing garage door. The calculated disrespect inherent in that verdict cannot be ignored and must be viewed fully for what it is.
Gregory Vaughn Hill Jr was killed by police who showed up to his house because he was allegedly playing his music too loud.
Hill who was in his garage having a drink in the early afternoon attempted to close his garage door, not before the responding cops fired multiple rounds into his body killing him.

We all knew they were not going to be held accountable, that’s a given. The mind-numbing discussion surrounding this killing has as its focal point the idea that cops ought not to be called for trivial issues as a noise complaint in the middle of the afternoon, rather than that police officer who are supposed to be guardians of our safety, should not be the ones executing us.
Racism will continue until those who benefit from it are held accountable for it. Those who benefit from it will not change it, so as Martin Luther King asserted, blacks should never be lulled into the acceptance of gradual change, (King called it the tranquil drug of gradualism).
If this cancer is going to be fixed it must be identified, confronted, isolated and cauterized.