Why Would America Reward Despicably Bad Behavior?

Obstruct, Obstruct, Obstruct, then when the guy throws up his arms and say”ok I will do my own thing, using the powers given me, “They scream, “see he doesn’t want to work with us”.

On the day President Barack Obama was being inaugurated in this momentous and historic occasion of what many people all over the world saw as America’s coming of age a group of Republicans to include Paul Ryan Republican Candidate for President , Jim DeMint , Tom Coburn and others were huddled in a despicable Un-American conspiracy to obstruct the new president as a path back to political power. Republican Senator from the State of Kentucky, Senate Minority Leader:quote The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president”.

Republican Senator from the State of South Carolina  Jim DeMint :quote “If we’re able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo, it will break him,” DeMint said referring to health-care.

Of course being the liars they are when confronted with his own words DeMint said he wasn’t saying he wanted to break Obama the man he was referring to his momentum.

In absolutely no context could that be true as the president had no momentum going , republicans had thwarted the efforts of the White House at every turn to get health care legislation passed.

Mitch McConnell is now whining that the president and his supporters are looking for people to blame for what he calls the president’s failure, never mind that there are plenty of evidence to point to within that  intransigent bellicose regressive Neanderthal excuse for a political party.

What the so-called Independent voters in this country needs to remember, if there are any such voters, is what transpired over the last four years. Monolithic and across the board Republican opposition and obstruction to the president’s agenda, many argue that the blanket opposition was a strategy to get back to power, that has worked and it may be true, however there is a deeper more sinister motive to their strategy.

That strategy is to make Obama’s presidency a failure so much so that the country would not even think of electing another black man/woman for another fifty years. Ask yourselves what is behind the hard lurch the republican party took to the right, ask why the voices once on the fringe are now the most strident voices within the party, even to the extent of forcing out high level republicans who dare to utter the word “compromise”.

They want a purified party, a party that does not even consider working with the president, an all white party.

DeMint doubled down on his Waterloo comment by saying b, quote: ““I’m not looking for vindication but I do believe that was a call to arms early in this race. I was one of the first who was willing to take the president on directly on an agenda that I thought was out of control,” DeMint said Wednesday. “So I certainly don’t regret saying it.”.

Voters with a modicum of self-interest or patriotism would kick these two partisan hacks out of  office at the next opportunity, don’t hold your breath for that to happen these two are fixtures within their respective states where this kind of thinking and utterances are acceptable, so these states will re-elect them the next time they are up for re-election and the people who elect them will have voted against their own self-interest.

Jim DeMint, Mitch McConnell Paul Ryan, Michelle Bachman,  Allan West, and all other House and Senate office Holders who wants to undo Obama-Care, all of them, are beneficiaries of the best health care, paid for by people who have none.

It is the greatest display of intellectual dishonesty  that republicans talk about the failures of Barack Obama even as they conspire/d and did everything in their power to ensure that he has/add no accomplishment.What they are asking the voters in this country to do is to reward them for bad behavior.

No, the American people should not reward these people who are members of the government , live off Government , spend most of their lives in government , yet demean and disparage government.

They should not reward Paul Ryan with a promotion for lying and being an Obstructionist.

The American  voter must send a clear message to Republicans, that they represent their interest, they the people they claim to represent, and not Charles and David Koch, they must make it clear to them that the House of Representatives is not a place where partisan and racial grudges are played out, rather they must assert , you do our business, not yours.

The American voter must once and for all show people in the republican party that they are not fools, they must assert that they will not allow them to make America a place only for the very rich.