I was engaged in a conversation with a senior civil servant in Jamaica recently, we agreed to disagree on a raft of issues. We agreed on some , but we definitely agreed that Jamaicans always know how to do everyone else’s job, but have no clue how to do their own.

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INDECOM Terrence Williams  Commissioner:

Nowhere is this more clear than the head of the neophyte Agency called the independent commission of investigations(indecom). Generally when someone is appointed to head a body or agency, that person understand that there ought to be collegiality with other agencies.  In essence always maintain a sense of professional courtesy in not interfering in anyone’s domain.

The idea is to do one’s own job and to extend a sense of professional tact, about what you say in public ,particularly about other agencies. Obviously that memo has not reached the publicity-hound  Terrence Williams. Ever since this self-aggrandizing moron  was appointed to head what is actually a drain on the pockets of the gullible public, he has not missed an opportunity to grandstand at the expense of the Police department and the military. Don’t be fooled, this does not mean that  this publicity-hound is just a normal moron, out looking for glory. In fact the reverse is true, Williams is consciously aware of just how easy it is to achieve his goals at the expense of the Police and Military.



Just last week we commented on a case in Jamaica where one Justice Batts ruled that police cannot arbitrarily stop and frisk people under the road traffic act, since then Batts has done a kind of walk-back saying the issue before him was not about stopping and searching people under the road traffic law. That of course did not stop Batts however from shooting off at the mouth about police matters, even though by his own acknowledgement it wasn’t even the matter before him.

Anyway back to Williams, even though Williams has many cases before him that has not been resolved, he never misses an opportunity to find a camera, of course this is when he is not begging for more power to persecute police, fighting with the DPP and to cap it all and probably more classless, telling everyone who will listen that his office is equal to that of a high court judge.

Williams makes it his job to give instructions to the police just last week regarding searches done during traffic stops. Having looked at the comments made by Batts about police use of the road traffic act, I saw nothing there which would contradict anything the police has done for decades. As I wrote in an earlier blog, Batts comments were quote “the police does not have a right to arbitrarily pull people over and search their persons and/or their cars”.There is no conflict there , Police cannot arbitrarily do anything, they have to carry out their duties within the framework of the law. As I said then, Batts did not break any ground, he merely stated the obvious for the benefit of the cheering-section over at his old school Kingston College.

Like other grandstanding Jamaicans, Batts has decided to make a name for himself at the expense of the police. I applaud the commissioner of police for continuing the program. It is up to officers to use all the laws, archaic and outdated though they are, to arrest lawbreakers and let the pontificating frauds continue cheering the Emperor who has no clothes.

The police has used the road traffic act, predial larceny act, firearms act, dangerous drugs act to legitimately remove dangerous criminals from the streets for decades. Within that time, tens of thousands of firearms , hundreds of tons of drugs, have been confiscated and offenders prosecuted. This is just the actual enforcement, there is no way of measuring the  innumerable deterrent-effect those stops have had on criminal activity in our country, or the amount of lives which have been saved.

“I would think that the commissioner, being the well-thinking person that I know he is, will take the approach of suspending any such activity until he is certain of its constitutionality”[Terrence Williams].

I wonder where Terrence Williams find time to investigate, between the photo ops, cocktail circuit,hanging out with criminal-supporting groups, and giving interviews. I call on Terrence Williams to pay attention to what he is tasked with and leave the police to do actual policing.

There are too many self-serving charlatans in Jamaica, the country is going to hell, do yourself a favor, do your own damn jobs and leave others to do theirs. There is a sector of the public  which I like to refer to as ( neva si cum si ), they are the most pretentious sons -of -bitches. They have opinions on everything, they get involved in everything and no one knows more than they do. There is another name for them in Jamaican vernacular “friten friday”. They are the biggest impediment to progress.