President Jimmy Carter

In response to President’ Carter’s in your face statement, that Donald Trump is an illegitimate President by virtue of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections, former Arizona US Senator Jeff Flake had this to say.
This is an awful thing for one American President to say about another.”
We need to stop trying to disqualify each other,” Flake wrote. “I could not support President Trump largely because of his awful embrace of birtherism. President Carter calling President Trump illegitimate is not right either. We should be better than this.”

Speaking at the Carter cent in Virginia, former President Carter said the following about the Trump Presidency.
I think the interference … if fully investigated would show that Trump actually didn’t win the election in 2016.” 
“A full investigation “would show that Trump didn’t actually win the election in 2016….He was put into office because the Russians interfered.” Does that mean he’s an illegitimate president? “Based on what I said, which I can’t retract.

Jeff Flake, (the human pretzel), pretended to be distressed with Donald Trump’s inhumane policies, before voting to implement them during his tenure in the US Senate.
Flake is now a fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics.
Flake’s Senate career was reminiscent of his last name. Inconsistent, flaky and wishy-washy. He left the Senate, having done himself no favors by bad-mouthing Trump’s policies, then voting for them in the end.
Jeff Flake made enemies on both sides of the political divide by being a wishy-washy fence straddling Toadie.

As was to be expected from Jeff Flake, he was taken aback by the severity of the backlash after his silly Carter rebuke.
Flake hastened to say he was not defending Donald trump but was defending the Presidency.
“We need to have respect for the process,” Flake told The Arizona Republic on Saturday. “I have a ton of respect for President Carter. I think he’s ten times the man in terms of being a good person than Donald Trump will ever be. But we need to stop trying to disqualify each other in elections and use the ballot box instead.”
The irony in Jeff Flakes response was vintage Jeff Flake weak-kneed straddling.
How could Flake argue that he is defending the Presidency if he is unwilling to see that the best way to do so is to stand up with patriots like President Carter and speak the truth instead of hiding behind a veil of lies and pretentious BS?

Jeff Flake

In the world’s [“Oldest Democracy”], the candidate who received three million plus more votes than her opponent, ended up losing that election.
Because that irrationality is an anomaly in western democracies, it begs a closer look.
We should never be distracted from the fact that the US has built-in safeguards, which are intended to ensure the continuation of white rule regardless of the dwindling number of whites in society or the number of whites versus people of color in the country.
North Dakota’s population was 760,077 on July 1, 2018. Republican
South Dakota is estimated at 858,469. Republican.
Wyoming’s population in 2019 is estimated at 572,381. Republican.
As of 2019, the estimated population of Montana is 1.07 million. Largely Republican.
As of 2019, the population of Iowa is 3.17 million. Republican.
West Virginia‘s population is estimated at 1.79 million. Generally Republican.
The population of Nebraska in 2019 is now 1.94 million. Republican.
The 2019 estimate for Idaho‘s population is 1.79 million. Republican.
Oklahoma has an estimated population in 2019 of 3.95 million. Republican.

California’s population in 2019 is 39.75 million. DEMOCRAT.
Even though there are a couple of states in the New England region with low populations, the vast majority of the rural states which are Republican monoliths all have two Republican Senators the same as California with roughly (40,000,000.00) people or New York another blue state with roughly (20,000,000.00 residents.
This means that rural, mostly white homogonous states with small populations get a disproportionate representation in the US Senate, thereby canceling out the will of states with large diverse populations which gets the same two US Senators.

President Carter is a thinker who understands that it would be a near impossibility that much of a plurality in the popular vote across the country would be narrowed down to Minnesota, Michigan, Florida, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Trump won those states by less than two percentage points according to the Washington Post.
Pennsylvania and Michigan had not voted for a Republican president since voting for George H.W. Bush in 1988. Wisconsin had not gone Republican since 1984.
How much of a stretch is it to figure out that this was no win, but a clever well-targeted changing of the votes just enough to toss the Presidency to Trump, without creating too much of a stink which would raise eyebrows when that win is looked at in a parallel prism with the raw votes.
As I opined at the time Robert Muller was appointed Special Counsel to look at Russian interference into the American elections, the arrogance of those who tout American superiority on all fronts would prevent a thorough investigation of the facts.
Even if a thorough investigation was allowed, the full and complete fact that a hostile foreign adversary had installed a puppet in the American White House would never be accepted, much less made available to the public.

One Twitter user shot back at Jeff Flake’s comments, “Jeff Flake, more upset at what a former president says than what a current president does.”
There are far too much hypocrisy and arrogance in this country for them to admit that Donald Trump is the Manchurian president they had long feared.
He and Vladimir Putin are having a jolly old time laughing and hamming it up at how they got away with it Scott free.