I wonder what would happen if every Jamaican Cop who provide security for the Prime Minister and her cabinet members and every member of parliament would seriously fall ill? I wonder what would happen if every member of the Island Special Constabulary who provide security to the Country’s Judges were to suddenly fall seriously ill. I wonder what would happen if every cop sent to replace their sick colleagues , suddenly come down with the same illness? I wonder what would happen if every nyamy, nyamy, lickie , lickie Jamaican cop understood that he/she has his/her destiny in their own hands?


Jamaica’s Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller.

It is abundantly clear both to observers  in Jamaica and the International community, that Jamaica is not serious about crime, corruption, and the rule of law. It is clear that the Governing  Administration is slowly and systematically dismantling the rule of law in Jamaica. Yet the country’s Prime Minister is on a flight almost weekly to countries overseas as far as east Asia, exhorting any and everyone to come  invest in Jamaica. What seem to elude the Learned [sic] Prime Minister is the fact that every country she visits have strong safeguards protecting the rule of law. Even as she treks around the globe and accept every meaningless patronizing bull-shit of an award and is cynically and conveniently allowed to grace certain magazine covers , people are running away from Jamaica.

I Know it is an effort in futility expecting her to understand what the consequences  for the country going forward will be, but when will this far left liberal madness end? Court sides with INDECOM strike down Police appeal.http://jamaica-gleaner.com/latest/article.php?id=49217.

Between the criminal loving liberal courts which never saw a criminal they don’t want to set free, the politicians and the criminal rights lobby of Caroly Gomes, the country is royally screwed. The few honest Jamaicans still living on the Island would be well served canoeing out of there and hope to  survive the 90 miles to Cuba. The Castro’s do not tolerate that kind of nonsense in Cuba.  For 28 of the last four decades the People’s National Party has systematically dismantled the rule of law and Jamaica’s moral compass to the point the Island of 2.8 million is the laughing-stock of the carribean.

Murders abound, the population is desensitized to the slaughter. Citizens cower in fear hoping , wishing, that the next time a gun barks they wont be added to the statistics. This happens while the Administration strengthens the hand of killers by shackling the police under the guise of accountability. The truth is this Administration does not want accountability or transparency. If they were to create a professional police force most of the law makers would be found to be serious law breakers.

Those wondering whats up with INDECOM  ? Stop wondering , Those wondering whats happening with these liberal verdicts coming from the courts , don’t waste your time. This Party in power has operatives planted in every sector of national life. They are cult-like in their zealotry to the cause of changing Jamaica from the way we knew and loved it . They know full-well what they want to accomplish. They understand that those opposed to their ways have left, or are continuing to leave. This includes their own Senator who bolted for Canada with his family . Those unable to leave are of no concern to them.

Have you ever wondered how they managed to win so many elections? Most well thinking Jamaicans are living in other countries, including other Islands in the carribean. Laughable , yes, other Islanders would once do anything to be allowed to live in Jamaica. Now they do not want us in their countries. This is what the PNP culture has done to Jamaica.