The danger of posting intimate images.


-Errol McLeish –

A beautiful young Italian national , Tiziana Cantone , aged  31,    shared  a video  on the social media website Whatsapp with four friends of  her and her  boyfriend  having sex.  Unfortunately for Ms. Cantone, the video was somehow posted on several other social website, including Facebook, which went viral and attracted over a  million hits.

Ms. Canton tried to get the video removed from the internet but failed in her bid, attracting litigation cost of € 20,000. She was shunned and ridiculed in the process.
Driven by despair, Ms Canton committed suicide.

There are many lessons to be learned from Ms. Canton’s error in judgment. The need for caution for persons using social media to be careful when posting sensitive information cannot be overemphasized. The reality is, once posted in the public domain it cannot be retracted.

I have often said that the Internet world, with its  numerous social websites ,  attractive interactive mechanism which capture instant  images and information,  and divulging it  in real time, can be a dangerous place to explore.
One must trod with exceeding caution when using it . It is dangerous primarily because the information you share can easily be manipulated and circulated within seconds to millions of users.

There are many persons who are oblivious of the potential negative impact this can have on their lives. I would hope that with the many instances of documented misuse of person’s images,   users of the net would exercise prudence when divulging information of whatever form, to friends via the net, some of whom have ulterior motives.

Unfortunately in many instances this has not been the case, Ms. Canton’s case is one such instance.
If only those who engage repeatedly in these practices would stop and think that it’s better preserving one’s sanity than give it away in one moment of indiscretion.,
Were this warning to be heeded perhaps then we may see a reduction in these embarrassing incidents yet tragic incidents.