Rigen, Natty Morgan, Sandokan, Copper,Feather Mop, Jim Brown, Dudus. What is the common thread which ties these people together?


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These names are just a few of the more recognizable in the annals of infamy in the Island nation. These miscreants should have been shunned, not so. In many communities in our country we see larger than life murals depicting serial murders and rapists under the banner “Don“who have caused immeasurable harm, yet they occupy place of pride in these communities. To their credit the Police have recently moved to remove some of these murals, and correctly so.On the issue of Policing the reverse is true, authority figures are ridiculed and dismissed children are taught to confront cops, people do so to prove their street credentials.

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In fact if you want to be someone in Jamaica make sure that you have an acrimonious relationship with cops,or demonize cops.  Ask Barbara Gloudon, Ronald Thwaites, and others who built a career in talk radio on the back of cops. So why do we wonder why there is so much crime in Jamaica? Let me be clear, we Jamaicans are a freedom loving people, the last thing we want is someone telling us what to do and what not to do. That is part of the reason one may argue that we are so opposed to police actions in our lives. However we have not demonstrated the necessary restraint and sense of responsibility in doing our part to avoid bringing a law enforcement into our lives.