Police sources revealed that this man turned up at the Kingston Public Hospital for treatment claiming that he was attacked and shot.
They believe he was one of the would-be assassins of Inspector Grant and her family.

This man reportedly turned up at the Kingston Public Hospital with a gunshot wound.

This we are told may very well be the other would be assassin of the Grant family.

Police sources confirmed that their investigations have established that he was not shot where he alleged that he was but that he has stuck to his story.

 Assault at common law, Fatal shooting, recovery of firearm and ammunition, committed 26.9.2017 about 3pm naggo head vic new luscious hq bar, Portmore, st Catherine. Circumstances are: members of the st Catherine south special ops acting on information that a wanted man was in the area went there and saw a man fitting the description, on approach of the police the man pulled a hand gun from his waistband and pointed it at the police, the police in defence of their lives fired at him and he was hit, he was rushed to the Spanish town hospital where he was pronounced dead by Dr Thomas @ 3:40 pm. One .380 semi automatic pistol serial number 98003311 loaded with a magazine containing 7 rds were taken from the deceased man. INDECOM was informed. Det Sgt Noel Bryan I/o. Ssp Bennett,sp grey, ddi south on scene. Futher update follows.




Three (3) counts of Wounding with Intent by gunshot and a suspected fatal shooting, committed about 8:15pm . Victims are Insp. Allison Grant-Johnson of MPD, Ashley Rochester, 23 year old Dist. Cons. of TSD and Bianna Johnson, 17 year old student of a Kingston  high school all of the above address. Information is that all 3 victims (mother and daughters of the above address) were at home when one of the daughters was about to exit the rear of the house to discard refuse when she was pounced upon by at least 3 gunmen, she screamed out and her mother who was in a bedroom went to her assistance….. a gun battle ensued during which all 3 persons were shot and injured. Inspector Grant-Johnson fired and based on the description given it is believed that one of the men was fatally shot, he was found some distance away. The injuries of the injured who are being treated at KPH are not considered life threatening. Of note, Insp. Grant-Johnson’s husband, Sgt. Ainsley Johnson was involved in a fatal shooting and recovery of a pistol earlier.


Its important that the nation understand that the circle begins because a man who murdered was granted bail by the courts , turns around and attack police officers and is taken out.
His cronies in turn went to one of the officers home where they shot and injured his daughter and wife who is also a police officer.
She returned fire killing one and wounding another who allegedly turned up at the KPH claiming he was shot by assailants.

These men did not turn up to kill the judge who granted them bail, they turned up to kill police officers after their crony who was given bail by a criminals loving judge was killed by police.
This is where our country is today, murderers granted bail attempts to kill cops , is killed in the confrontation and his cronies attacks one officer’s family with a view to assassinating the entire family.

The Jamaican Government at all levels is in the process of providing aid and comfort to the terrorists who are slaughtering and maiming innocent Jamaicans.
Turning murderers loose through the courts and through INDECOM emboldening criminals to do things once unimaginable.

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