Over Two Years Later Jurors To Rule Whether Or Not SSP Dathan Henry Was Murdered



KINGSTON, Jamaica – Coroner Patrick Murphy has handed over the case to jurors who are now to determine whether Senior Superintendent Dayton Henry was murdered. Murphy handed over the case to the juror for deliberation after two hours of summation and instruction. Henry, who headed the tough Clarendon Police Division, passed away from health complications in May 2012 after being admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at the Kingston Public Hospital, after falling ill. His death sparked suspicion and an inquest was convened to determine if Henry was murdered. Reportedly, a pathologist report has stated that a chemical found in rat poison was present in the senior cop’s system. Murphy is expected to hand over the case to jurors who will determine if Henry was murdered.   jamaicaobserver.com


This medium is at a loss in understanding why it took all of this time for a Coroner’s Inquest to conclude it’s findings. SSP Henry passed away a full 27 months ago. Why are Jurors just now being asked to determine whether he was murdered? What kind of investigative Protocol is that anyway?

Now I am a little Leary that there wasn’t even a proper investigation going on while it took this pathetic process to play out. Is there an active file with witness statements? Did Investigators put potential suspect  on record by collecting statements from them? (This includes, but is not confined to SSP Henry’s wife or common law partner.

What did the Investigation yield  in the process, if anything? Why do I have the feeling that nothing substantive was done pending the outcome of this snail-paced Coroner’s Inquest. 

How will jurors decide whether or not SSP Henry was murdered with just what is allegedly placed before them? There are active Ingredients that may be found in poisons , traces of which may actually be found in our food , water, or even medicines. Does that prove murder? I think not . All it says is that the person did not die from natural causes.