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The cronies of the former murderous monster Ryan Peterkin otherwise called Ratty should be on notice that no matter where they hide, no matter how long they are supported by their criminal loving relatives and friends, the long arm of the law will eventually reach them.

There should be no mistake that there haven’t been police officers who are willing to go the extra mile, take that extra risk, to ensure that our country is not overrun by these demons.
These officers, over the decades, have risked life and limb to do their jobs while armchair pundits and prognosticators offer up opinions on subjects they have no idea about.
Our country is not going to be made safe by soldiers on the ground it is not going to be rendered safe by some silly perception that soldiers are honest and police are corrupt and incompetent.

Ryan Peterkin o//c Ratty
Note the semi-automatic weapon in his right hand

Real officers who served knows what is what, make no mistake the police are not incompetent, they are not scared, they are shackled and afraid to go after these murderers because of Government policies which aid criminals.
I call on the government to allow the police to go after these demonic killers with no holes barred. The future of our country is tethered to the demise of these scum. They have made conscious decisions to slaughter innocent people and take what they want without consequence.
There should be no support, for these kinds of individuals, tacit or otherwise from any taxpayer agency, civic group, or anyone else.
Those who offer comfort, support, and succor to them must and will be exposed for what they are. Be it understood, that as far as is humanly possible we will do our part to expose and flush out those who are offering support to these creatures.

His other weapons


I call on police officers who may be thinking of breaking our nation’s laws, stop it. If you find that you cannot live on the salary they pay you, step aside and find something else which will sustain your lifestyle.
I call on the government to rein in its mongrel kennel, yes the one you call INDECOM, we want our nation’s laws respected and observed, we do not want taxpayer resources to go to funding any agency which persecutes and hinders our officers.

A curved magazine usually of the type used in the AK-47 Rifle all recovered by the police

We are calling on the Government to offer leadership, we are calling on the opposition party, stop looking to score cheap political mileage under the guise of looking after the poor.
We will have no country if the actions of these murderers are not halted and halted immediately.
The greatest right a person has is the right to life. I remind both the administration and the opposition if you are interested in fighting for the human rights of the ordinary Jamaican how about you look to ensure their right to life?

There are those who talk about taking in these demons without firing any shots, and so I call on Terrence Williams, and Hamish Campbell to join the police when they go out to apprehend these killers.
Do a ride along, please you don’t need any weapons, these guys will not harm you. I personally support your desire to see fewer police killings and as a consequence, I support your right to help in apprehending them.
In fact, I support the right of all people who want fewer police shootings, go on the ride alongs and beg them to surrender.
Hopefully, we can solve some other problems by your doing so.

We are tired of the excuses and the second-guessing by the pundits, who benefit from the efforts of the police but have no decency and character to offer support and give thanks.
Jamaica is a very small country given enough time it will reach your door don’t you worry. In the meantime, we salute the officers who removed this menace from the streets, and without a doubt saved numerous lives in the process.
Thank you……………….