The year was 1983 and I waited with bated breath with my colleagues that afternoon. We were young constables, who were to be transferred from the Beat & Foot Patrol Division to stations across the country.
We were told that for the very first time in our Nation’s history, officers not trained specifically for the Mobile Reserve, would be transferred to that Division.
I wanted no part of the Mobile Reserve, not because there was anything wrong with the Mobile Reserve as it were, but my dream of becoming a detective would be severely sidetracked, were I among those sent to the Division.
At that time the Police Force Orders was a confidential document between command structure and personnel.
Criminals and their support structures did not know unit strength, they had no idea where officers were to be transferred to, and they damn sure did not have private and confidential information of police officers which should be confidential, available only by court order.
It was the latter-day, new age crowd-pleasing, Owen Ellington who made that document public for absolutely no good reason.
And so that fateful day as the Force Orders arrived and we all crowded around a single copy of the document, I learned that what I had always construed to be shitty luck, was not about to change in that Force Order. Not on that day.
Mobile Reserve it would be for me. My tears flowed freely. I did not want to go to a unit which was best known for breaking up riots and doing static duties. I did not want to be a part of a unit which was rumored to be where careers went to die. I joined the force because I wanted to investigate crimes and put criminals away.
After spending the better part of four years there including on the crack super effective Rangers Squad, I grew into becoming a proud member of that famous Division.
My time spent at the Mobile Reserve will forever be memorialized in my life’s history, as one of the most consequential and invaluable periods of my personal growth and development.
It was what I learned and lived at the Mobile Reserve which saved my life in a dark alleyway on Blackwood Terrace in 88 when at point-blank range, a would-be murderer opened fire on me, two other cops and a civilian member of the community.

The community member was shot twice and the two cops ran away leaving me to fight off the shooter.
It was that tactical awareness which allowed me to disarm the assailant even after I was shot, thereby saving the injured man’s life as well as my own.
There was no call from the Commissioner of Police nor any of his minions. There was no statement of outrage that something like that could happen in his constituency by the member of Parliament.

He was probably ecstatic, because he had no love for me based on my no-nonsense approach to the low-life scumbags who operated out of his constituency.
There was no national honor, I was back to my beloved CIB office the next day.
Back then that is what we did, that is who we were. We were made that way.

It is rather difficult to break through the self-assured ignorance and the incessant gibberish of a plurality of our people.
It is near impossible to convince our people to seek facts, then insert their opinions, rather than to harden their own preconceived notions and opinions, ignoring facts which surface later.
As a Jamaican, I too had to come to grips with the reality that we are extraordinarily opinionated, even when we have no access to facts, we create our own narratives then fend off the truth of whatever topic is under discussion.
I also learned that truth in our country is processed depending on the teller.
Our political, religious, societal and other beliefs structures, largely inform how we process information.
They determine whether factual information find fertile space in our sub-conscious or are discarded and replaced with our preconceived notions and opinions.

And so even though information technology has made it possible to radically transform dark spaces of ignorance into bright hemispheres of light, there are some who will ignore the reality of available credible information, choosing instead the default option of stale and rancid opinion-based nonsense.
I had one such conversation yesterday with a man who tells me that his girlfriend is a cop back home. He proceeded to lambaste the police even though he had just told me that his girlfriend is a police officer with over twenty years of service.
I quickly realized he was one of the programmed opinionated facts-be-damned types, so I limited what I said and allowed him enough leverage to hang himself.

He proceeded to tell me that Jamaican police are lazy and that they need to work more hours. This gentleman knows I am a former law enforcement officer, and he was standing in my business-place telling me this.
I asked him whether he thought his girlfriend was lazy he said ‘no,” she works hard.
I asked him, “do you consider me lazy, “whenever you come here, I am here working, I led”? he replied in the negative.
He then went into the canned narrative about police stations being closed at nights in Jamaica.
I asked whether he had ever gone to a police station for help and not received assistance, whether night or day, he responded no.
I then asked him whether the two precinct houses within a three miles radius of where we were standing were opened at nights, or does one have to enter and speak to an officer through an intercom, he responded they are closed.
I ended my conversation with him there.

As a young officer, I worked so hard sometimes my hands shook for lack of sleep. Nevertheless, we have a country which has come of age on an incessant anti-police drumbeat.
One made possible by the likes of Wilmott Perkins, Ronald Thwaites, Barbara Gloudon, Garnett Roper, Cliff Hughes, and others.

A demagogic cliche of self-serving traitors to our country, who like termites ate away at the foundations of the rule of law, and now the very foundations of our embryonic democracy are at the peril of crumbling.

Jamaica wants to become a developed country but it woefully lacks critical thinking among those who lead to ever be a serious contender for that designation.
Jamaicans like to point to the Singaporean model as a model which copied strains of our system, yet what the Singaporeans did to arrive at where they are, have completely eluded Jamaicans.
There is no reason that Jamaica’s Tourism, Bauxite, reggae, Ganja, Coffee, our rich fertile soil in which everything thrives and the dynamism of our people should not make us the Dubai of the Caribbean and the envy of the world.
Unfortunately, the Island can never be that, because at best we are a people who rather like to hear ourselves talk.
We are giant pontificators and prognosticators, never mind that when we do both we sometimes have no idea what we are talking about.

The idea to dismantle the Mobile Reserve has been one of their goals all along.
The elevation of Carolyn Gomes to relevance in the way our laws are structured to go after murderers and gangsters, the creation of INDECOM and the appointment of rabid anti-police demagogue Terrence Williams and the British Imposter Hamish Campbell.

A man who did nothing to investigate his corrupt former colleagues who planted evidence on black people in England, is proof that they wanted to dismantle the force.
So when Horace Chang referred to the Police Department as a glorified security guard company, don’t believe for one moment that was a slip of the tongue.
Don’t believe for one moment that Andrew Holness’ constant statements, that, “no longer would police be kicking in doors”, were made in the abstract.
He knew all along that he wanted to carry out the mandate of Bruce Golding before him. He wanted to finish what Golding started with INDECOM, and the acquiescence of the PNP, tells its own story of corruption and deceit.
Throughout its history, the Mobile Reserve has stood as a bastion of solace to freedom loving law abiding Jamaicans.
True to form, those who would murder and maim had it out for that unit, none more so than the filthy scumbags who pass for politicians but are suit-wearing gangsters.
Imagine a country in which the member of parliament with the most violent garrison in his constituency is the Minister with the responsibility to quell the nation’s crime epidemic.
And so they devise a plan to destroy the force while telling the nation that they intend to rebrand it, what they do not say is that the people who will staff the new and improved force will not be coming from China or Mars, they will come from the very same 84% corrupt Jamaica, so clearly that methodology is a fake and a fraud.
The clear and unequivocal intent of Andrew Holness and his Administration is to dismantle the JCF and replace it with a [courtesy corp of degreed]stooges who talk a good game, but have no clue how to handle the Nation’s rapidly growing murderous gangs.

At the end of the day dismantling bastions of certitude only to create the illusory effect that you are making changes is a solace to fools. How can you purify water by moving the same dirty water to a different vessel? The bright young officers they are talking about are people steeped in UWI philosophy of human rights. They have zero strategies, skills or will to stamp out crime and so they intend to perfume the shit while the people are being slaughtered daily.
It cannot continue that people are being slaughtered every day while the PM and his Government with the full acquiescence of the Opposition party tears down the police department and make it out to be the bad guys. The police have been set up to fail from the get-go, first, they promote fools and lackeys and political lapdogs, then they promote slavish yes-people, effectively forcing out dedicate good career people and now they have people with more degrees that they have guns at up park camp but none of it has helped. The Prime minister and Chang who runs the most killer garrison (laughable) tell Antony Anderson to reduce the force to nothing, that is the reason he was hired. Anderson in his ignorance said he hopes to see the day when all police officers are human rights officers. What absurd ignorance? Every real person who stepped forward to be a cop was already a human rights activists, they place their lives on the line for people they do not know. Which of the so-called human rights activists in the country can claim that they have ever been shot at, much less shot, defending anyone’s right to life (their most sacred right)? But Anderson would never understand it because he is a fake cop, and the people above him are police haters.

The only thing that the PNP and the JLP agree on, is something that is antithetical to the good of the country.
That thing is the total destruction of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.
Through the Starving of the Department of resources, Support to gangsters in the Garrisons, Interference in law enforcement, setting up other government agencies to be antagonistic toward the police, and a raft of other subversive methods, both criminal gangs have effectively destroyed the once proud agency.
This they did with the gleeful assistance of some in civil society and the media.
Make no mistake about it, a competent non-aligned police force is a dangerous force to the criminals who sit in the people’s house.
As my friend said to me today, the law-makers are the lawbreakers, but for the most part, the people are too stupid and brainwashed to see it.

That is why there is no longer any hollering from the PNP about Petrojam.
If a thorough and professional investigation was to be done many in both political gangs would die in prison.
So someone high up in the PNP hierarchy told them to lay off the issue.
A total and compete bunch of scum, but then again why would either of these sets of gangsters stop with their criminality?
Where there is no wisdom the people perish.

Those of you who think that this new courtesy corp that Andrew Holness and Horace Chang with the consent of the PNP is creating, will stop the bloodshed in your communities think again.
Neither of these sets of gangsters cares about the close to 1700, who are murdered each year.
Neither do they care about your daughters being raped and discarded like thrash by the animals who pose as human men.
But then again you get what you deserve.