Constable Allen

At about 12:15am Constable Toddmar Allen of the Mobile Reserve was shot and injured at a Bar in Rollington Town Saint Andrew. He was taken to The Kingston Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead.
Constable Allen is reported to have driven to Ranny’s Bar in the community, went inside and ordered a drink. Whilst sitting down two (2) men armed with handguns entered the bar and ordered him not to move.

Shortly after, three explosions were heard.
Constable Allen reportedly ran to the Rollington Town Police Station where he fired one shot and collapsed at the gate. He was rushed to Hospital by the police, but was pronounced dead from gunshot wounds to the back and chest. His Glock pistol was retrieved by the police.


This young officer’s killing may be random or it may not be. There is no denying that the police have done tremendous harm to themselves by the activities they have involved themselves in.
Nevertheless, for the most part, these young men and women are innocent of any of the Force’s baggage.
They deserve the support of the citizenry and they damn sure deserve respect and support from the Government.
They stepped forward to serve when many their age are engaged in the destruction of the country. And for that alone I support them.
Unfortunately, the political infrastructure, comprising both political parties as well as some sections of civil society and the media, has done incalculable harm to not just the rule of law, but have set up these young people to die at the hands of the cowardly criminals in our country. Make no mistake about it, the disrespect and disdain showed the police by Prime Minister Andrew Holness and his lackey Horace Chang is contributing to this attack on our police officers.
No member of the PNP should take comfort in my statements, the PNP is equally complicit as the JLP in this consequential broadside against law enforcement in our country.