I am on record detailing why the stupid ZOSO will not work.
No need to flog a dead horse, the damn thing will prove me correct without my having to continue a point by point breakdown of why it won’t.

I will be an observer from this point on, watching and cataloging the faults in this process.
I will say this, however, Robert Montague the National security Minister has certainly confessed the real intent of the so-called ZOSO act which bears out what I have been saying before the bill became law.

Said Montague at a town hall meeting a couple of days ago.
The law seeks to contain crime while safeguarding the human rights of residents and promoting community development through social intervention initiatives“.

No, I absolutely do not want the law to fail. I just know that what the government is doing is the opposite of what it should be doing and so I cannot support it.
We now hear that the intelligence data on which the decision was made to make Mount Salem and it environs the first ZOSO was flawed.

We understand there is much hand-wringing even though I don’t see what harm is done by having a massive show of force in a community, except the massive show of force in that community.

I’m a little disturbed at the continued incompetence of the police, assuming they are responsible as has been reported for furnishing flawed data to the powers making the decision on where to go.
We also hear that the whole grand charade has not netted a single gun.
Is there any wonder that it hasn’t?

If the exercise is to contain crime while safeguarding the human rights of residents and promoting community development through social intervention initiatives, why would you expect to see high powered weapons taken off the streets?
For the record the Government wants to safeguard citizens right, (noble), they want to promote community development(commendable) and contain crime …..
I was with the Government until they said contain crime without saying a single word about what they intend to do about the thousands probably tens of thousands of guns in the hands of dangerous killers.
That’s where we part company, those guns should be plucked from the hands of these killers one way or the other and they should not be paid to turn them in because what you are creating by doing so is to sanction a  massive legal gun trade with criminals.
If you cannot stop the guns coming in why would you be pay criminals to turn in their guns?

You may do several things to a rickety old house, (a) You may bulldoze the whole damn thing, which we cannot do in this case. (b) Tear down the old cracked and peeling walls and start over with new drywall and electrical wiring.Or (c) paper over the whole thing and create an impression to a gullible new buyer.

The Jamaican Government opted for (c) to paper over the house but some of us are not buying it.
We are quite capable of doing our own inspection even as some law abiding Jamaicans wonder out loud about the brave competent cops we once had?

Bunch Of Smoke On Crime, No Fire: Cops Must Get A Clue As Well…

The government itself told us that this exercise is not about fixing the old decrepit house, I mean Island, it’s about placating the public.
You know deceiving the buyer that herein lies a beautiful house/Island, only it’s not true.
It’s a decrepit old house with badly rotting walls, faulty electrical wiring, and leaking pipes.
Peel off the veneer of beautiful wallpaper and the whole facade collapses.

Sure many residents want to see the security forces in their communities, who wouldn’t want a modicum of peace and quiet? What parent doesn’t want their children safe as they trek to school or even as they play as all children should?

In fairness to the Holness administration, I understand it’s cowardice even as I loathe it.
Holness has a razor thin one seat majority in the legislature, any disrupting event and he is out as Prime Minister.

That’s one way to look at the Prime Minister’s cowardice in the approach he opted for in the ZOSO act.
You see, it’s the path of least resistance, he can’t tear down the whole thing.  He is not prepared to do the hard work and risk a public backlash,  particularly with an opposition party which is quite willing to stoke the fires of crime and benefits from the fallout and a population heavily invested in crime.

As a result of the Opposition’s -opposition and the phalanx of criminal rights lobby input into the ZOSO law, it became a useless bunch of crap not worth the paper it’s written on.
No damn country make their laws while worrying about foreign human rights lobby except Jamaica.
Stupid is as stupid does.

Whats a guy to do?
Holness was a part of the Bruce Golding administration when the Americans demanded the extradition of Christopher Coke.
He knows damn well what Tivoli Gardens was, let’s not rewrite history, let’s not sanitize that community’s past.

Despite his demonstrable ignorance and lack of respect for what police face daily Mister Holness must know that when the security forces move in to remove a crime leader from a community like Tivoli Gardens, Arnett Gardens or any of the major garrisons on the Island, unfortunately, there will be bloodshed.


He does not want another example of what happened in Tivoli to happen on his watch, only the police did not create that scenario they did.
Politicians created these garrisons, police stations were burned before a single cop entered the community and yes police officers were shot and killed in that process.


Literally, everyone was given a chance to leave the community they chose to use the opportunity to demonstrate their support of Coke.
We have learned that many officers did not turn up to go into Mount Salem recently, according to one reporting less than a third of the 140 officers who were scheduled for that operation opted out.

Let this be a lesson to this Government and the predatory one in waiting.These young people who step forward to be police officers do so knowing full well that their country is heavily anti-police or to put it another way is a criminal coddling mecca.

Nevertheless, they step forward to serve.
What they are demonstrating through the low numbers of people now stepping forward to sign up, the high attrition rate, or even their refusal to be used and abused like they were in Tovili is that they are not going to be scapegoated any longer and for that, I am extremely proud.

Not all Jamaicans are blinded by green or orange blinkers.
As a result, we are able to see through the smoke and the beguiling yet deceptive illusions of his mirrors.
Some of us know what police work ought to look like it’s not whats happening today and it certainly should not be about shooting down anyone except by the letter of the law.

I urge the Prime Minister to stop the games and get real policing and law enforcement advice with a view to ending this very serious problem the Island is experiencing.
Jamaicans can ignore our warnings but it behooves leadership to listen the last thing we want is for our country to be labeled a terrorist state.
I have been warning about this for years. We ignore this at our peril.




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