I hate to say “I told you so.”
But I did tell you so!
When the so-called ZOSO bill became public knowledge I wrote extensively on the futility of what the act represented, outlining fundamental weaknesses in the framework of the proposed law, I went to great pains to tell the Jamaican people why this proposal was a non-starter.

Now according to our friends over at the Jamaica Gleaner (MoBay In Panic – 13 Murders In Six Days Spark Questions About ZOSO’s Effectiveness)

Business leaders, stakeholders, and citizens in St James are now in panic, taken aback at the state of crime in the parish after an astonishing 13 murders over the past week.The spate of killings has left frightened residents wondering if the calm brought on by the zone of special operations (ZOSO) still underway in Mount Salem is now completely shattered. “We are in a crisis! The security forces and the minister of national security seem clueless of any method or process that would support the ordinary citizen in securing safe passage as we go about our business,” declared attorney-at-law Nathan Robb, a former president of the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MBCCI).

“We all have to traverse the streets day and night, and at any point in time anywhere in Montego Bay, a life can be taken, as these shootings are not taking place in some remote section of the city, or our so-called ghetto communities, it is in the center of the city.”
He added, “Our leaders in Montego Bay have remained silent for fear of embarrassing Government and their friends, out of fear that it will damage tourism, but crime is already damaging those who work in the productive sector, so development is ultimately affected.”
Read more here: http://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/lead-stories/20171024/mobay-panic-13-murders-six-days-spark-questions-about-zosos

Joint command training.

As I said after the legislation became law, I would step aside and be silent so that the law can unravel in front of the eyes of the Jamaican people.
The primary point I have consistently made is that this law was designed to placate the public with an extremely low likelihood it could possibly have any measurable positive results to point to.

Many people thought I was too harsh on the law, others believed I was being political, go figure.
As I said then I did not need to wait to see that a barrel rolling downhill unobstructed toward the ocean, would actually end up in the ocean.
It is at best naive and worse case rather stupid to expect good results from bad policy.

Here’s the unadulterated fact, at this rate Jamaica is going to end up a failed state, we are extremely close to it.
This is possible because the people elected to lead have demonstrated their allegiance to interest groups with roots overseas, rather than attend to the safety and security of the country.

To those adopting the talking points of the clueless class of upper Saint Andrew, talking about methods of policing, I say many of you even as cops were at best window dressings, “what do you know about effective policing”?
There is only one solution for dealing with these murdering scums who kill at will, tough, no-nonsense take no prisoners policing, their choice.
As long as the Government and opposition party continue to give tacit support to criminals by shackling the security forces, the lives of people will have zero value in this country which has become a paradise for criminals.

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