American Police Pose Existential Threat To Young Men Of Color, Study…

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Just hor­rif­ic unmit­i­gat­ed mur­der

As new data emerges that Police killings are the sixth lead­ing cause of death among young men in the United States, one can rea­son­ably expect that the con­ver­sa­tion will be shaped in a way that absolves the police depart­ments of respon­si­bil­i­ty.
Look for the cor­po­rate media and their talk­ing heads to begin the duplic­i­tous process (if at all) of pre­sent­ing this exis­ten­tial issue as one of jobs, hous­ing, drug-use and a pletho­ra of issues not ger­mane to the cen­tral point, which is police mur­der­ing black peo­ple and get­ting away with it.

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John Crawford (Murdered)

According to the study pub­lished by the Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences.
Police killings which can include shoot­ings, chok­ing and oth­er uses of force are the sixth-lead­ing cause of death among men of all races ages 25 – 29.
The risk of being killed by the police is more pro­nounced for black men, who are 2.5 times more like­ly than white men to be killed by police, while black women are 1.4 times more like­ly than white women to be killed by police.

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Tamir Rice12-years-old(murdered)

According to lead researcher Frank Edwards, an assis­tant pro­fes­sor at the School of Criminal Justice at Rutgers University, “the num­bers may be an under­count.” “While the killings of Michael Brown, 18, Charleena Lyles, 30, and oth­er black men and women at the hands of law enforce­ment have brought nation­al atten­tion to the role race plays in police vio­lence against Americans, researchers lack basic esti­mates of the preva­lence of police-involved deaths, in large part because of an absence of offi­cial and author­i­ta­tive data.” Said Edwards.

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Eric Garner (mur­dered) Cop still not indict­ed, even though we saw this mur­der hap­pen in front of our eyes

There is a dis­tinct rea­son that there are no Federal or state man­dates that police depart­ments across the coun­try have strict account­ing of the num­ber of peo­ple who died as a result of com­ing in con­tact with police.
The author­i­ties know that this issue of police vio­lence is real. However, it has large­ly affect­ed black and brown peo­ple, so what’s the fuss about?

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Philando Castile(murdered)

The United States keeps records of every­thing, includ­ing how mice pro­cre­ate. That it does not see fit to have an accu­rate account­ing of the num­ber of peo­ple who die as a result of con­tact with police tells a star­tling tale of how the nation sees this prob­lem.
It leaves peo­ple who care about social jus­tice to con­clude that there is no will at any lev­el to reme­di­ate this prob­lem.

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Alton Sterling(murdered)

There is a com­mon prac­tice in the United States to cre­ate diver­sion­ary sce­nar­ios for press­ing issues.
For exam­ple, the exis­ten­tial cri­sis of gun vio­lence and white suprema­cy are coined as men­tal health issues, rather than the seri­ous issue of neo-nazis, hatred, and the need to put in place guar­an­tees which would cat­e­go­rize and effec­tive­ly deal with home­grown ter­ror­ist groups, as they have done in nam­ing and deal­ing with so-called Muslim extrem­ism.
The cor­po­rate media is com­plic­it in shap­ing those fraud­u­lent diver­sion­ary nar­ra­tives as well. 
In debat­ing this issue, talk­ing heads of all col­ors and stripes have fall­en into the trap the cor­po­rate media has laid for pro­tect­ing police from account­abil­i­ty.

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Sandra Bland alleged­ly mur­dered while in police cus­tody

It should come as no sur­prise then, that almost 15 years after the FBI warned about the influx into law enforce­ment of Neo-Nazis and white suprema­cists. The coun­try has done noth­ing about it. Instead, it has tar­get­ed the black peo­ple demon­strat­ing for the right to exist.
It is a remark­able sce­nario tan­ta­mount to a sto­ry my friend“s wife told of her love for pork.
She had a meal of pork and rice and sub­se­quent­ly fell ill. The doc­tor attrib­uted the cause of her ill­ness to the [pork], and so she stopped eat­ing [rice].
James Comey, the then FBI Director, spoke to the nation’s police chiefs after Michael Brown was mur­dered in Ferguson Missouri by a White cop, Darren Wilson.
Comey talked about what he char­ac­ter­ized as the “Ferguson effect”.
In giv­ing that lec­ture, Comey said police offi­cers were afraid of doing their jobs, out of fear of what he called ” The Ferguson effect”.
The very FBI which warned years ago about the dan­gers white suprema­cists pos­es to the coun­try, went ahead and cre­at­ed a fraud­u­lent des­ig­na­tion for the black lives mat­ter activists who were demon­strat­ing against the killing of black peo­ple by police.

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Michael Brown (mur­dered and lit­er­al­ly des­e­crat­ed)

The FBI labeled them “black iden­ti­ty extrem­ists”, When chal­lenged in a com­mit­tee hear­ing in the con­gress by Congresswoman Karen Bass the new FBI Director Christopher Wray gave a con­vo­lut­ed response which nev­er ful­ly answered the con­gress­wom­an’s ques­tions.

The FBI which now claims it does not have the means or the author­i­ty to inves­ti­gate white Terrorism, cer­tain­ly had the time to build out a mas­sive sur­veil­lance infra­struc­ture against Black lives mat­ter activists, vis­it­ing their homes and leav­ing busi­ness cards, and gen­er­al­ly harass­ing peo­ple who had just returned home from peace­ful­ly demon­strat­ing which is a guar­an­teed first amend­ment right.
In the mean­time, heav­i­ly armed white men are butcher­ing Black and Latino and oth­er minor­i­ty peo­ple and there is no mass sur­veil­lance of these groups, because accord­ing to the FBI they need new tools.
Instead of pay­ing atten­tion to the exis­ten­tial threat white extrem­ism pos­es to the United States, the FBI tar­get­ed black activists demon­strat­ing for their right to exist.

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Botham Jean mur­dered by a white cop in his own apart­ment, and what did the Dallas police depart­ment do? It tried to smear the vic­tim like the thou­sands of police depart­ments across the coun­try do when they mur­der black peo­ple

The names of the mur­dered are far too many to doc­u­ment. Every year American police kill thou­sands of peo­ple, large­ly peo­ple of col­or. Neither the Federal Government, nor state and local author­i­ties see a need to have police depart­ments have any account­ing data of peo­ple who have died hav­ing come in con­tact with police.
Even a pig farmer knows how many of his pigs have died any giv­en year.
In America, the Government does not care enough because the peo­ple being gunned down and choked to death are “those peo­ple”, peo­ple who were dis­pos­able from the begin­ning of this exper­i­ment.

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