Arm Propagandist Terrence Williams And Let Him Police The Country…


INDECOM has been in exis­tence since 2010. The Agency’s head and the poli­ti-fools who cre­at­ed and main­tain it argues that it is an act of par­lia­ment. As if an act of par­lia­ment is some­thing that is irre­versible.
The agency releas­es it’s quar­ter­ly reports in grandiose fash­ion, replete with media gag­gle at it’s plush New Kingston Offices. All this, while the police which has served the Jamaican peo­ple for 303-years still occu­py run down delip­i­dat­ed work­spaces, unfit for habi­ta­tion.
That, how­ev­er, is a mat­ter for anoth­er time. The point is that the com­mis­sion­er of INDECOM believes that the quar­ter­ly report must be crit­i­cal of, and con­fronta­tion­al with the police,. Terrence Williams does not believe that a report can be com­pli­men­ta­ry, or con­cil­ia­to­ry.
So every quar­ter he trots out like the lit­tle troll he is, to tear down the Police depart­ment with some cocka­mamie sto­ry or anoth­er, that he feels will gar­ner the most back­lash against the police when he bitch­es against some wrong­do­ing or anoth­er.

Never mind that all across Jamaica peo­ple are drop­ping like flies to the maraud­ing gun­men and nobody seems to have a clue how to stop the killings.
One of the most insane things that I have heard, is the total­ly ridicu­lous call for the police to stop shoot­ing crim­i­nals.
As far as Terrence Williams is con­cerned inno­cent dead Jamaicans is in no way con­nect­ed to the num­ber of vio­lent con­fronta­tions police have with crim­i­nals.
But he is not alone, there are many of these sanc­ti­mo­nious, self-indul­gent fools who Monday morn­ing-quar­ter­back what­ev­er police do with a crit­i­cal eye. Horace Levy and Peter Espeut are two of the lead­ing pro­pa­gan­dists,’ et al, as well. Never mind that nei­ther of these par­a­sites has ever been shot at, much less shot by crim­i­nals.
The oth­er non­sense we hear is that it is up to the police to min­i­mize the num­ber of gang­sters they kill.
In oth­er words, Jamaican cops oper­at­ing in one of the most volatile and hos­tile envi­ron­ments on the plan­et, must be the most sur­gi­cal in how they do their jobs.
Never mind that before one per­forms cos­met­ic surgery to remove the scars, the all-impor­tant work of life-sav­ing surgery must first be done.
That means that we first remove the mur­der­ers before we con­tem­plate any­thing else.

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Terrence Williams

The idea of over­sight for police offi­cers is not a nov­el con­cept, this writer, a for­mer police offi­cer, under­stands this all too well. Accountability works for the good of cit­i­zens and police alike.
Where we run into prob­lems is when those who take on the task of over­sight turn their mis­sion into a cru­sade, because they are of the belief in that over­sight means lord­ing over, and being in con­trol of.
Terrence Williams exem­pli­fies that.

It is with that in mind that the com­ments of the police fed­er­a­tion chair­man were so appro­pri­ate in respond­ing to Terrence Williams’ out­ra­geous rec­om­men­da­tions to the gov­ern­ment.
Sergeant Patrae Rowe police fed­er­a­tion chair­man blast­ed Williams’ com­ments in INDECOM’s quar­ter­ly report as absurd.
Williams, in his usu­al glo­ry-hound per­sona, rec­om­mend­ed that cops charged with what he calls (egre­gious breach­es of law or prac­tice) be dis­charged from the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) with­out await­ing crim­i­nal pro­ceed­ings.

In oth­er words, the con­sti­tu­tion­al guar­an­tee of the pre­sump­tion of inno­cence afford­ed to all Jamaicans in the con­sti­tu­tion, is to be removed from police offi­cers.
What makes the demand more out­ra­geous is the fact that police offi­cers are not act­ing on their own when they don their uni­forms, they are act­ing on behalf of the state.
It is with that par­tic­u­lar thought in mind, that devel­oped coun­tries rec­og­nize that offi­cers need an added lay­er of pro­tec­tion. In the United States that pro­tec­tion is called qual­i­fied immu­ni­ty.
Qualified immu­ni­ty is a legal doc­trine in United States fed­er­al law that shields gov­ern­ment offi­cials from being sued for dis­cre­tionary actions per­formed with­in (their offi­cial capac­i­ty), unless their actions vio­lat­ed “clear­ly estab­lished” fed­er­al law or con­sti­tu­tion­al rights.
Of course, any breach has to first be proven before puni­tive sanc­tions are attached to the offend­ing par­ty.

In his own words, Terrence Williams argued, “in egre­gious cas­es, where clear breach­es of pol­i­cy, prac­tice or law are appar­ent… offi­cers be dis­charged from the police ser­vice, with­out await­ing pend­ing crim­i­nal pro­ceed­ings”.
Ha, so there you have it, this very promi­nent lawyer who want­ed to be Director of Public Prosecutions, is advo­cat­ing for a pre­sump­tion of guilt before tri­al. What’s more, he is advo­cat­ing for a pre­sump­tion of guilt in a sit­u­a­tion where arguably there should be a rein­force­ment of the pre­sump­tion of inno­cence.

At a time when crime is through the roof, at a time when Jamaicans are slaugh­tered in record num­bers, at a time when a sin­gle mur­der does not gar­ner a raised eye­brow, the coun­try needs to ensure that it’s resources and sup­port are square­ly behind its law enforce­ment offi­cers.
Additionally, the police depart­ment can­not retain the offi­cers it has, much less to meet recruit­ment quo­tas, because of shit­ty pay, bad work­ing con­di­tions, and INDECOM, it is way past time for Terrence Williams and Hamish Campbell to go. It is way past time for INDECOM to be dis­band­ed.

It is clear to Jamaicans who chose not to be blind­ed by pol­i­tics that Terrence Williams has one strat­e­gy, and that is to destroy what’s left of the JCF. He has sin­gle-hand­ed­ly done more to aid the expan­sion of crim­i­nal net­works in Jamaica through his Don Quixote style assault on the JCF, than any oth­er per­son ever has.
Sergeant Rowe argued “The nature of polic­ing requires fre­quent inter­ac­tion, vio­lent inter­ac­tion, with crim­i­nals. With the crime rate that Jamaica is cur­rent­ly expe­ri­enc­ing, if the num­ber of police offi­cers involved in a con­fronta­tion with crim­i­nals are to be removed off front-line duties, who does the job of the police? Everybody can’t be removed off front-line duties sim­ply because they are under inves­ti­ga­tion. I think INDECOM’s rea­son has to have more depth than this.”
Rowe’s com­ments were in response to Williams’ absurd rec­om­men­da­tion that “offi­cers under sus­pi­cion should be removed from front-line duties to ensure there is no appear­ance of col­lu­sion or tol­er­ance of such inci­dents.

In oth­er words, val­i­dat­ed con­fir­ma­tion of wrong­do­ing is no longer the goal, mere sus­pi­cion that an offi­cer has done some­thing wrong should be enough to have offi­cers removed from their duties.

This is the kind of think­ing which could only come from (a) a men­tal­ly inca­pac­i­tat­ed indi­vid­ual, or (b) an indi­vid­ual who is so dement­ed, hate­ful and venge­ful that mag­gots have com­plete­ly eat­en away what­ev­er brain mat­ter he had.
That is the derange­ment syn­drome that INDECOM has come to rep­re­sent.
The Jamaican peo­ple have a choice to make.
They can con­tin­ue with this Albatros on the nation’s col­lec­tive back, and watch their loved ones mur­dered dai­ly. Or they can demand that the Act be repealed.
In the mean­time, it behooves those with the pow­er to remove this men­tal degen­er­ate before he does any more harm.


Mike Beckles is a for­mer Jamaican police Detective cor­po­ral, a busi­ness own­er, avid researcher, and blog­ger. 
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