Gary Welsh’s Kerfuffle Evidence Of Antony Anderson’s Incompetence…

There were some real­ly great peo­ple in Jamaica when I was a kid, teach­ers, police offi­cers, and even postal work­ers. I assume there are still good and capa­ble peo­ple in every dis­ci­pline today as well.
Nevertheless, as a soci­ety, we have become too hyped on all things mate­r­i­al, things which can be seen.
Even when ask­ing loved ones abroad for some­thing, they have for­got­ten the sim­ple art of under­stand­ing and humil­i­ty.
So even though they may have no cell phone now, or at best have a [banger]sic, they demand the lat­est Samsung or Apple device that their loved ones can­not afford, and does not have for them­selves.
Not just that the phone or com­put­er they are ask­ing for must be the lat­est mod­el, it must have the max­i­mum amount of stor­age and speed pos­si­ble.
It’s that same hype with which some use edu­ca­tion, not to help oth­ers but to demon­strate that they are bet­ter than their fel­low man.
A per­son who has a Ph.D. is lit­er­al­ly deity, he or she is pre­sumed to be able to com­plete all tasks.
Inexorably this cre­ates a sys­tem in which all a per­son needs to do is to attain a degree and that per­son becomes qual­i­fied for all kinds of jobs for which they have zero train­ing.

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Commissioner of Police Antony Anderson

We are a coun­try of immense­ly tal­ent­ed peo­ple.
That is indis­putable, and we should be eter­nal­ly proud of our young peo­ple who are chew­ing up the tracks in aca­d­e­mics and in every field they are allowed to com­pete in.
It is the wider soci­ety which is fail­ing our young peo­ple.
When we adopt the ridicu­lous notion that a per­son with an advanced edu­ca­tion should be placed in a posi­tion for which he has absolute­ly no expe­ri­ence, we end up with the embar­rass­ing ker­fuf­fle the JCF found itself in, with Dr. Gary Welsh, Assistant Commissioner of Police.
The fact of the mat­ter is that as the entire Island is focused on the per­ceived mis­steps of Dr. Welsh, we ignore the fact that Dr. Welsh did not assign him­self to the posi­tion he was unsuit­ed for.
It is with­in the remit of the Commissioner of Police to assign his staff as he sees fit.
If how­ev­er, the com­mis­sion­er is a mis­fit, who was giv­en a job in which he was in over his head. And if that job was giv­en to him because of con­nec­tions, and his bona fides, (albeit for a dif­fer­ent dis­ci­pline).
Then the prob­lem is not of Dr. Welsh’s cre­ation, but the incom­pe­tence of the per­son who assigned him to that posi­tion for which he had no train­ing and was there­fore woe­ful­ly ill-suit­ed.
That per­son is the com­mis­sion­er of police Major General Antony Anderson. Commissioner of Police.
For my read­ers who are not Jamaicans, the (Major General rank), the Commissioner of police has, was brought over from the mil­i­tary. It has noth­ing to do with the job of the com­mis­sion­er of police.

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Dr. Gary Welsh Assistant com­mis­sion­er of police

On a local radio pro­gram recent­ly was a police sergeant who sup­pos­ed­ly devel­oped an App. The exu­ber­ant mod­er­a­tors laud­ed his work as they should. The offi­cer also revealed in the inter­view that he has been a sergeant for six years.
After the inter­view end­ed, the mod­er­a­tors com­ment­ed amongst them­selves that the offi­cer should be pro­mot­ed at least to a Deputy Commissioner of police, or else he may be leav­ing the force soon to find green­er pas­tures.
It is that kind of mind­set which has char­ac­ter­ized the JCF and has result­ed in the top-heavy bureau­cra­cy which exists today. Yet the force is unable to inves­ti­gate its way out of a brown paper bag, or offer any degree of assur­ance, even in the traf­fic depart­ment.
If the cop who devel­oped the [appli­ca­tion] believes that he can earn more mon­ey in the devel­op­ment of appli­ca­tions he would be sil­ly not to take advan­tage of those oppor­tu­ni­ties.
Nevertheless, devel­op­ing an appli­ca­tion should not arbi­trar­i­ly give him a clear path to a DCP rank as tout­ed by the [polic­ing experts] on that radio show.
Policing is a dis­ci­pline unto itself. It is not a place for peo­ple with degrees to go when they can­not find work.
Those who are pro­mot­ed to posi­tions in the police depart­ment because they earned a degree or devel­oped an appli­ca­tion should only be so pro­mot­ed if their high­er edu­ca­tion direct­ly improves the qual­i­ty of the ser­vice the police offers to the pub­lic.
Instead, what we have are peo­ple with MBA’s and degrees in cook­ing and oth­er dis­ci­plines, pro­mot­ed on the basis of the degree they have.
This effec­tive­ly cre­ates the park­ing lot which the JCF has become for peo­ple with degrees who are offer­ing noth­ing tan­gi­ble to the JCF or the coun­try.
This chokes off the pipeline of advance­ment for career police offi­cers who know their job.

There are still some tal­ent­ed offi­cers at the Gazetted lev­el, who deserve those com­mands, offi­cers who came up through the ranks the old fash­ioned way.
Officers who know what they are talk­ing about. However, many of them are lan­guish­ing at the Deputy and Superintendent ranks, as the Ph.D.‘s and MBA’s occu­py the lead­er­ship rungs of the JCF, nev­er mind that they have no idea about actu­al polic­ing, and those over whom they leap-frogged also have earned degrees.
ACP Welsh found him­self a square peg in a round hole, pro­mot­ed way over his head as a police com­man­der.
A Doctorate in any­thing else does not trans­late into lead­er­ship in polic­ing. This inci­dent should be a wake­up call to the lead­er­ship of the coun­try, but unfor­tu­nate­ly, it will not.
They will nev­er under­stand it because from to top to bot­tom they do not under­stand the val­ue of the dis­ci­pline, and as the streets would say(them nu rate police).
The police depart­ment will con­tin­ue to be a place where peo­ple with degrees park them­selves and earn big salaries for doing noth­ing.
Promoted way over their heads and giv­en tasks for which they are not equipped.

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