Genocide In Palestine And The World Is Deathly Silent (video)

Checkpoints con­tin­ue to increase amidst rapa­cious land grab by Israelis. The resul­tant expan­sion of ille­gal set­tle­ments con­tin­ue unabat­ed and the world is death­ly silent as the American Government moved it’s embassy to Jerusalem.
Christians in America see this move by the Americans as Biblical in its pro­por­tion. Israelis see this move as some­thing out of Biblical prophe­cy, even though they are nei­ther Christians nor believe in the Bible.
At the United Nations, US ambas­sador Nikki Haley shame­less­ly blames the vic­tims for their own deaths.

In the mean­time, the apartheid, Zionist state of Israel con­tin­ue to thumb its nose at con­ven­tion­al norms as it’s sol­diers indis­crim­i­nate­ly slaugh­ter dozens and dozens of unarmed Palestinian men women and chil­dren.
No one is spared death by the Israeli snipers they shoot and kill jour­nal­ists and even those in wheel­chairs. It is a shock­ing dis­play of geno­cide being vis­it­ed upon an already oppressed peo­ple who have lost every­thing and have been liv­ing under the oppres­sive bootheels of Israel since 1948.


Israel and the United States main­tained that the peo­ple killed are Hamas func­tionar­ies who breached the fences to enter Israel.
However inde­pen­dent report­ing has shown that this is an unadul­ter­at­ed lie.
In many cas­es, those who lose their lives are actu­al­ly the vic­tims of sniper fire while they are in the buffer zones away from the Fences.
The fact that these pro­tes­tors are killed by sniper fire is a stark indi­ca­tor that these peo­ple are not killed scal­ing any fence but are slaugh­tered by the Zionist army sim­ply for protest­ing.

Amidst the silent col­lu­sion of the rest of the world, the gov­ern­ment of South Africa has with­drawn its ambas­sador to Israel.
South Africa which suf­fered under vicious apartheid rule and which ben­e­fit­ted from the gra­cious­ness of con­sci­en­tious peo­ple across the globe now feels it has a respon­si­bil­i­ty to stand up and call out Israeli for what it is doing to the peo­ple of Palestine.

It is shock­ing that any group of peo­ple regard­less of their reli­gious per­sua­sion could assume that this geno­cide is some­how sanc­tioned by a sov­er­eign deity.
If this mass slaugh­ter is God-sanc­tioned then this writer wants no part of that God.
What kind of world are we liv­ing in when we are afraid, or at best uncon­cerned, about the indis­crim­i­nate killing of our fel­low human beings?

Israeli cit­i­zens hold Israeli flags and ban­ners dur­ing a ral­ly in Tel Aviv on April 19, 2016, to sup­port Elor Azria, an Israeli sol­dier recent­ly charged with manslaugh­ter after shoot­ing a prone and wound­ed Palestinian assailant in the head.
The ral­ly, attend­ed by an esti­mat­ed 5,000 peo­ple, was a source of con­tro­ver­sy in Israel where the top brass have con­demned Azria’s actions while far-right sup­port­ers and politi­cians urged his release.


Have we become so immo­bi­lized by fear, of what may hap­pen may be done to us if we speak out, and so as a con­se­quence, we remain silent? How then do we expect to leave our world in a state in which our chil­dren may live as free human beings when we lack the courage to say enough?

How can we allow our fears to freeze us into immo­bil­i­ty against fas­cism, racism, big­otry, xeno­pho­bia, sex­ism, and the oth­er vices which would divide us into lit­tle-balka­nized camps, and keep us hid­ing behind walls and for­ti­fi­ca­tions?
It is time for the world to hold the Zionist state of Israel account­able for its crimes against human­i­ty.
There can­not jus­ti­fi­ably be two dif­fer­ent set of rules Governing our social order, one for Israel and anoth­er for every­one else.
This is unac­cept­able and it must stop.