Holness’ Fallacy Vs Actual Reality.…

Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness con­tin­ue to harp on a non­sen­si­cal nar­ra­tive he con­coct­ed as he tries to save face against the con­stant­ly dete­ri­o­rat­ing secu­ri­ty sit­u­a­tion in the coun­try.
That nar­ra­tive is that the new­ly craft­ed Special Zones bill he is shep­herd­ing through the leg­isla­tive process will be very pro­tec­tive of human rights.
Holness has gone to great lengths to say repeat­ed­ly that police will not be kick­ing in doors to go after crim­i­nals.
If I am read­ing the PM’s state­ments cor­rect­ly the new law will not do Jack shit about the dis­mal secu­ri­ty sit­u­a­tion on the Island, it will fur­ther pla­cate human rights activists at the expense of inno­cent dead Jamaicans.

I do under­stand the pol­i­tics behind the Prime Minister’s del­i­cate bal­anc­ing act.
After all, Jamaica is large­ly a crim­i­nal sup­port­ing nation which does not take too kind­ly to the rule of law.
Secondly, the PM is forced to deal with the dete­ri­o­rat­ing secu­ri­ty sit­u­a­tion while try­ing to hold onto a sin­gle seat major­i­ty in the leg­is­la­ture.

Juxtapose that with the intran­si­gent Political Opposition which has nev­er whol­ly sup­port­ed anti-crime ini­tia­tives and the pletho­ra of sup­posed human rights lob­by groups and it becomes clear­er why the PM is going to such great pains to preach human rights as he tries to grap­ple with the dan­ger­ous sit­u­a­tion which is only get­ter worse.

Now some may find it incred­u­lous that my posi­tion on this is may be con­strued to be flip­pant and or dis­mis­sive of the impor­tance of human rights guar­an­tees.
As a for­mer law enforce­ment offi­cer, I believe all crimes should be pun­ished. How that pun­ish­ment is admin­is­tered or what that pun­ish­ment should be should be com­men­su­rate with the specifics of each par­tic­u­lar crime.
I do not believe that aggres­sive­ly root­ing out Jamaica’s urban ter­ror­ists is anti­thet­i­cal to or con­flicts with human rights of decent law-abid­ing peo­ple who are too poor to move out of the urban slums.
It is a faux lie which has dom­i­nat­ed the dis­course, cre­at­ed by cer­tain ele­ments with a vest­ed inter­est in the chaot­ic mur­der sit­u­a­tion. Its intent is to shut down any mean­ing­ful dis­cus­sion or solu­tions which would effec­tive­ly cau­ter­ize the cycle of sys­temic vio­lence under the guise that going in and root­ing out ter­ror­ists is sim­i­lar to abus­ing inno­cent peo­ple.

The Prime Minister a prod­uct of the lib­er­al left­ist buf­foon­ery which emanates out of that Campus in Mona has latched onto the faux nar­ra­tive and is now shack­led to it.
As a can­di­date for the job he now holds Holness promised Jamaicans would be able to sleep with their win­dows and doors open if they elect­ed him Prime Minister.
Regardless of the verac­i­ty of the alle­ga­tions which will sure­ly come out of the secu­ri­ty forces inter­ac­tion with mem­bers of the pub­lic once the zones are autho­rized, Holness will also own those alle­ga­tions of abuse as well.
He has said cat­e­gor­i­cal­ly there will be no abuse, the goal is about pro­tect­ing human rights.

I have con­sis­tent­ly said this new law will have the effect of a child emp­ty­ing a pail of water in the Ocean.
The men with the high pow­ered weapons will sim­ply move to oth­er parts of the coun­try once the secu­ri­ty forces are sta­tioned in an area.
Imagine a law which is being sold as a law which will guar­an­tee human rights as against root­ing out ter­ror sus­pects.
As a for­mer front-line I cop I espouse root­ing out the shoot­ers then whomev­er and what­ev­er can move in and do their social inter­ven­tion , or what­ev­er the hell they do.

The Bushmaster

Jamaica Defense Force Major Basil Jarrett, the civ­il-mil­i­tary coöper­a­tion offi­cer at the JDF, told the Media that “The PMVs have been a great tac­ti­cal asset as we can now move into an area to quick­ly and safe­ly deliv­er troops or extract secu­ri­ty per­son­nel or detainees if need­ed,” Jarrett said. “The PMVs are rugged, impos­ing, and flex­i­ble enough to be used in a num­ber of emer­gency sit­u­a­tions, includ­ing inter­nal secu­ri­ty. They are resis­tant to small arms gun­fire, impro­vised explo­sive devices, and oth­er per­son­nel threats, and give the sol­diers increased con­fi­dence to go into the most hos­tile ter­ri­to­ries.”


While the Prime Minister line up the deck chairs on the sink­ing Titanic the pro­fes­sion­als who are tasked with deal­ing with events on the ground sees things dif­fer­ent­ly.

Jarrett’s descrip­tion of what the armored per­son­nel car­ri­er is capa­ble of is not the lin­go of a used car sales­man try­ing to pass off a lemon to an unsus­pect­ing buy­er.
Those char­ac­ter­is­tics are exact­ly what are required to breach the Urban slums in which the heav­i­ly armed mili­ti­a­men oper­ate.
Jarrett fur­ther point­ed out that when a joint army/​police patrol team came under fire from gun­men in Denham Town, upon request and arrival of PMV sup­port, there was a cease­fire.

You only have a cease­fire in an active sit­u­a­tion of war.
That it would require armor to quell the fire­pow­er of the mili­ti­a­men is rather telling and ought to tell sen­si­ble Jamaicans exact­ly to what depths their coun­try has sunken.
The usu­al hacks and shills will tell you this is noth­ing new its all under con­trol. I agree it’s not new but it is cer­tain­ly not under con­trol.
They will tell you it’s polit­i­cal to speak out about it because this par­ty is in pow­er or that par­ty is in pow­er.
I per­son­al­ly do not give a rat’s ass about which par­ty holds pow­er. I care about my coun­try and it’s dis­in­te­gra­tion trou­bles me.

It required a Military response 7 years ago to annex Tivoli Gardens to Jamaica and depose a transna­tion­al crim­i­nal who was too big for the Island’s secu­ri­ty forces to even chal­lenge.
It required a full-blown mil­i­tary cam­paign to bring that enclave under con­trol.
Since then that International crim­i­nal has been arrest­ed and is serv­ing time in a United States Federal prison.
However, since the events of 2010, the West Kingston Constituency seat being held by for­mer KSAC Mayor Desmond McKenzie has con­tin­ued to dete­ri­o­rate into a frac­tured enclave for com­pet­ing gangs.

From reports, the gangs are all com­pet­ing for the con­trol once held by Christopher Duddus Coke the extra­dit­ed crim­i­nal.
The idea that this prob­lem can be addressed while cen­ter­ing the focus on human rights is sim­plis­tic, stu­pid and laugh­able in its idi­ot­ic naïveté.
If the PM and oth­ers know that their focus is bull­shit, an act of putting wall­pa­per over the huge gap­ing hole in the wall, then it leaves us to ques­tion their desire to take strong reme­di­al action against the Island’s killers.

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  1. Tell them.also that the hard­ened sol­dier and police that use to activi­ly hunt ter­roist is basi­cal­ly extinct in the JCF and the JDF .The days of aggres­sive secu­ri­ty oper­a­tions are in the past and now more than ever such are needed,I guess one day when a gun tot­ing terr walks into Gordon house then they will know what secu­ri­ty pros been telling them all the years

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