JA, Conned Into INDECOM : This Will Be Just As Consequential Or Worse…

Only in Jamaica would a conference on law enforcement’s use of force protocols be discussed and there is no input from Law Enforcement.
In fact the Andrew Holness Government can only be characterized as disrespectful of the police, military and Corrections departments, which are the agencies which would use force against civilians as part of their job.

Terrence Williams
(Photo cred­it Jamaica Observer)

That the Holness Government allowed INDECOM to convene a meeting with support from the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development, the United States Embassy and the United Nations office in Jamaica but did not invite the police, military or corrections is testament of it’s refusal to appreciate the serious implications crime poses to Jamaicans.

Andrew Holness

But most impor­tant­ly it under­scores the dim light in which the admin­is­tra­tion, as the one before it, and the Island’s elites view mem­bers of the law enforce­ment com­mu­ni­ty.
Surely the light in which the law enforce­ment agen­cies are viewed is con­sis­tent with short pants and night watch­men.
The Force has evolved some­what but mem­bers of the polit­i­cal class cer­tain­ly has­n’t .



Holness addressed the con­fer­ence, so too did the Minister of National secu­ri­ty Robert Montague and oth­ers.
But the police were treat­ed like adopt­ed chil­dren , removed from the room, while their sur­ro­gate par­ents dis­cussed the best ways to pro­ceed with them.
No need to have the chil­dren in the room , they are ful­ly inca­pable of par­tic­i­pat­ing in mean­ing­ful­ly dis­cus­sion.
Or worse, chil­dren have no busi­ness in grown folks con­ver­sa­tion.
The rules are made and chil­dren do what they are told.

I got­ta say, am I glad I walked away from that in 1991.
Here they have a con­ver­sa­tion about police use of force, yet the very agen­cies which are being dis­cussed, the very agen­cies which would be the ones using force in their encoun­ters with the pub­lic are exclud­ed from the table.
How ridicu­lous is that?

Yet don’t be sur­prised that there will be no short­age of world the wise who will tell you that a con­fer­ence like this does not have to have the groups exclud­ed to be legit­i­mate.
This is not new , Bruce Golding and the sim­ple­ton Portia Simpson Miller came togeth­er and [trumped] up an anti-law enforce­ment law called the INDECOM Act.
Absent from the debate as well was the Police Military, and Corrections Departments .
The Jamaican Government views these agen­cies as serfs and peas­ants who do not deserve a seat at the table , they ought to sim­ply do as they are told.

Simpson Miller

Remarkably, Andrew Holness could not get the sim­ple-mind­ed Simpson Miller to agree to a walk-through the gar­risons as a sym­bol­ic ges­ture of peace.
But Bruce Golding was able to get Portia and the Opposition PNP to agree to craft the INDECOM act a crime enhance­ment law.
The only area in which the two polit­i­cal par­ties, or more apt­ly, the two ( crim­i­nal gangs) ever came togeth­er in a bi-par­ti­san fash­ion was to craft the crime enhance­ment bit of garbage law called the INDECOM Act.
Such is the pal­pa­bil­i­ty of the hatred and dis­re­spect the two Jamaican polit­i­cal par­ties have for the rule of law.

Pointing out these facts nev­er fail to draw out howls of accu­sa­tions that I do not want to see account­abil­i­ty in the police depart­ment.
Over the years, not only have I writ­ten exten­sive­ly about police cor­rup­tion, I have offered up work­able solu­tions on how to help resolve said mal­a­dy.
I refuse to spend my time reflect­ing on idi­ot­ic state­ments from sim­ple mind­ed indi­vid­u­als who can­not face facts because those facts are anti­thet­i­cal to , or do not line up with their world view.

But if you thought that what the Labor Party is doing is bad as it relates to INDECOM and the dis­re­spect for the Police and Military you are sad­ly mis­tak­en.

For years I have been warn­ing in this very medi­um that the Jamaican Government’s in-bed rela­tion­ship with Carolyn Gomes of JFF and oth­er groups whose inter­est does not line up with the best inter­ests of Jamaica and Jamaicans is indeed bad for our coun­try.

I have also warned what the con­se­quences would be as it relates to the INDECOM law .Other Former Police offi­cers have too. Former SSP Renato Adams warned that Jamaica would pay dear­ly .
I doubt that there is any­one who would con­tend that the coun­try isn’t pay­ing dear­ly today .
Not only is the Island pay­ing dear­ly, it has no idea how to walk back the effects, because no mat­ter how many Jamaicans die they can­not gath­er the courage to repeal the INDECOM Act out of fear of their for­eign han­dlers.

Delroy Chuck Will Most Likely Receive A National Honor All Their Cronies Do: But He Belongs In The Hall Of Shame !!!

I warned about Delroy Chuck’s agen­da as it relates to crime.
I write inces­sant­ly that Delroy Chuck wants the court dock­ets purged of all cas­es which are over 5 years old , includ­ing mur­der cas­es.
Chuck argues that it would free up the courts to be more effi­cient ‚.
The fact of the mat­ter is that such actions would exac­er­bate and accel­er­ate the strate­gies in motion which cause the delays in the first place.
Violent mur­der­ers would have their lawyers frus­trate the sys­tem fur­ther mak­ing sure they nev­er face jus­tice for their crimes.

Carolyn Gomes and her for­eign fund­ed JFJ has been on the fore­front of the cre­ation of INDECOM.
These are the elites respon­si­ble for giv­ing the nation INDECOM . They must take respon­si­bil­i­ty for the wave of mur­ders and rapes sweep­ing the coun­try.
Yet they are untouched by the car­nage…

Despite my warn­ings about Gomes no one paid atten­tion until Gomes agen­da was revealed when her orga­ni­za­tion, Jamaicans For Justice was found to have dis­trib­uted homo­sex­u­al lit­er­a­ture to under­age chil­dren.
Carolyn Gomes was forced to step aside .
Again Delroy Chuck’s name come into the pic­ture. Chuck recent­ly revealed in the par­lia­ment that he was lob­bied by a for­eign ambas­sador to change the Nation’s bug­gery law.

Is Delroy Chuck King?

These are the hid­den agen­das being forced on our peo­ple.
This crawl­ing peg insti­tu­tion­al­iza­tion of an alien cul­ture being pro­mul­gat­ed on our peo­ple is not read­i­ly obvi­ous to Jamaicans.
The ideas are duplic­i­tous in the way they are couched in lan­guage which con­vinces ordi­nary Jamaicans it’s for their own good.
INDECOM was sup­posed to root out cor­rup­tion from the police, mil­i­tary and cor­rec­tions depart­ments.
What the coun­try end­ed up with are a lot of dead Jamaicans and dra­mat­ic ero­sion of respect for the rule of law. Additionally, less crooked police offi­cers and oth­er mem­bers of the secu­ri­ty ser­vices are con­vict­ed that when the CCRB was respon­si­ble for that func­tion.

Hypocrite :Delroy Chuck!

Carolyn Gomes was exposed but not before she was bestowed with nation­al hon­ors .
Delroy Chuck now wants to insti­tu­tion­al­ize homo­sex­u­al­i­ty in Jamaica at the behest of for­eign lob­by­ists.
He is not afraid to tear down the church and the insti­tu­tions we have held dear and which have served us well for gen­er­a­tions.
What we must ask then is, ” does this Administration serve the inter­est of the Jamaican peo­ple”, whether we sup­port the par­ty in pow­er or not?
Speaking out against intrin­sic wrongs does not make the mes­sen­ger a polit­i­cal shill for the oth­er par­ty.
It means some of us are pre­pared to stand up for Jamaica, regard­less of the occu­pant of Jamaica House.

One thought on “JA, Conned Into INDECOM : This Will Be Just As Consequential Or Worse…

  1. Black peo­ple are still under the illu­sion that white peo­ple are look­ing out for their inter­est and I mean that these peo­ple DO NOT have black people’s inter­est at heart and it is all of them because they are not friends of black peo­ple! White peo­ple must be view as ene­mies of black peo­ple when­ev­er they are try­ing to enslave them men­tal­ly!
    With these blind­ed peo­ple lead­ing the peo­ple, they will per­ish, self-destruct, and oblit­er­ate from the face of the earth.
    Those of us who are good stu­dents of his­to­ry knows that white peo­ple are the most dis­hon­est, liars, and ene­mies of the truth! Only a fool would believe these peo­ple.
    Not that I am say­ing that all white peo­ple are liars! I mean the ones who are in elect­ed offices and have influ­ences in the inter­na­tion­al are­na. It is eas­i­er to find an hon­est per­son in the world who is hOMELESS, some­one who have no pace of abode, mon­ey, wealth, or influ­ence. The soci­ety have no tol­er­ance for truth, as the truth have been attacked for cen­turies by the descen­dants of the dev­ils!
    These are some of the good things that white peo­ple have done for black peo­ple to date:
    (1) Slavery.
    (2) Murder.
    (3) Rape.
    (4) Robbery.
    (5) Genocide of the African peo­ple and its inhab­i­tants.
    (6) Human traf­fick­ing.
    (7) Land grab­bing.
    (8) Racism.
    (9) Self-hatred.
    (10) AIDS/​HIV.
    (11) Ebola.
    (12) Chick “V.”
    (13) Chick Gonorrhea.
    (14) Crack Cocaine.
    (15) Apartheid.
    (16) Jim Crow Laws.
    (17) Tuskegee exper­i­ment. And I could on and on!
    So, why in the year 2017, black peo­ple are STILL under the illu­sion that white peo­ple have their peo­ple (BLACK & BLUE people’s) inter­est at heart?
    It is eas­i­er to trust a home­less per­son or Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, than the white peo­ple whose jobs have been sys­tem­i­cal­ly con­spir­ing and plot­ting to extinct the black race. And, they are always “boasie slaves” with­in the black com­mu­ni­ties world­wide, ready to sell out their peo­ple for mon­ey to the oppres­sors!
    Crime is a busi­ness enter­prise with lots of play­ers who have influ­ence in the soci­ety, and the poor peo­ple are the ones who are killing each oth­er, are just a part of their scheme of wicked­ness.
    With friends like these, Jamaican peo­ple do not need new ene­mies: Amnesty International; Dr. Carolyn Gomes of JFF; INDECOM Commissioner Terrence Williams; Jamaican Prime Minister, St. Andrew Holiness; Minister of [IN] Justice Delroy Chuck; Minister of National [IN] Security Robert Montaque; Member of Parliament Peter Phillips; the Americans, are NOT look­ing out for the aver­age law abid­ing cit­i­zens in Jamaica! Their jobs are to cre­ate anar­chy, uncer­tain­ty, and fear among the peo­ple so that the best and bright­est migrat­ed to the white people’s coun­tries to make their econ­o­my stronger and weak­ened yours.
    Look how many police mur­ders we see on the cable news in America, and AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL nev­er said a word con­demn­ing their actions or sup­port the vic­tims or the pro­tes­tors. The rea­son why they are silent it is because the VICTIMS are blacks and the per­pe­tra­tors are white police offi­cers.
    Those of you in Jamaica think­ing that these peo­ple have Jamaican people’s inter­est at heart, bet­ter think again and wake up to these wicked, uncon­scionable, and evil peo­ple. If you think that these peo­ple are nice, think again because their his­to­ry speaks vol­umes!
    White peo­ple have nev­er, ever looked out for the inter­est or the best for black peo­ple and only an illu­sion­ist would believe these peo­ple!
    White peo­ple have always been plan­ning how to extinct black peo­ple from the face of the earth, and some of our black mis­lead­ers are will­ing, unwit­ting­ly par­tic­i­pants to the destruc­tion and geno­cide of the black peo­ple. Sometimes some of our great­est ene­mies are clos­er to us than we think.
    I have been read­ing that Mosques are the fastest build­ings that are being con­struct­ed in Jamaica. We have seen Jamaican ter­ror­ists using grenades against the secu­ri­ty forces. It is a mat­ter of time before we start see­ing “car bombs” as our oth­er oppres­sors from Africa and the Middle East, the Arabs are in Jamaica, and it is a mat­ter of time before they spread their wings and influ­ence there.
    Those of us who are good stu­dents of his­to­ry, know that Jamaica is ripe for the pick­ing of ter­ror­ists to use as their head­quar­ters, launch­ing pads, and recruit­ment cen­ters. Jamaican peo­ple tends to be “licky, licky!” So, mon­ey is pow­er there and the Arabs, if they are smart, can con­trol the Jamaican gov­ern­ment with their oil mon­ey.
    The Arabs can migrate to Jamaica with their ide­ol­o­gy of ter­ror­is­tic agen­das because they will receive pro­tec­tion from the secu­ri­ty forces there and will be able to oper­ate freely!
    Finally, the Jamaican peo­ple are so illit­er­ate, indis­ci­pline, obnox­ious, bel­liger­ent, and hate law enforce­ment offi­cers because this is what have been passed onto them by their ances­tors who are against edu­ca­tion, self-deter­mi­na­tion, inde­pen­dence, self-reliance, and decen­cy. In Jamaica, any and every­thing goes as it is crim­i­nals par­adise in the Caribbean Sea and the Somalia in the mak­ing.

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