JDF Soldier Shoots Cop Caught With His Wife.

JAMAICA Defense Force Corporal 30-years old Omar Williams has been arrest­ed and charged with wound­ing with intent and Assault Occasioning Bodily Harm on Constable K Bedward of the Saint Catherine South Proactive Investigations UNIT(PIU).

The facts are that on Wednesday, February 19th at about 11: 45pm Corporal Williams returned to his home in Greater Portmore to find Constable Bedward in a com­pro­mis­ing posi­tion with his wife.
It is alleged that Williams pulled his licensed Glock pis­tol and used it to hit Bedward on the fore­head.

The naked Bedward report­ed­ly ran from the house leav­ing his clothes and his firearm but not before Williams shot him once in the shoul­der.
Bedward was tak­en to the Spanish Town Hospital by a pass­ing motorist while Corporal Williams was turned over to the police by a Major Gordon of the JDF.
Investigations into the inci­dent are ongo­ing.

4 thoughts on “JDF Soldier Shoots Cop Caught With His Wife.

  1. These young peo­ple don’t use their brains at all! Now which sane per­son would go to a man’s house and sleep­ing with his wife in the mar­i­tal home? Look how many broth­els in Portmore or even the police bar­racks. The Constable is very for­tu­nate to be breath­ing. It seems like the old­er gen­er­a­tion in the police force does­n’t com­mu­ni­cate with the younger gen­er­a­tion by giv­ing them life learn­ing lessons about how to go about cer­tain things as they would impart knowl­edge to us. The sol­dier shows restraint. The sit­u­a­tion is sad in every way pos­si­ble because of both police offi­cers’ actions.

    Based on the facts, the sol­dier will not be able to rely on self defense. He first hit the police­man and lat­er shot him. There is no indi­ca­tion the police attacked the sol­dier in any way. The fact that this police­man was also armed is going to be a good defence and I don’t see how they are going to con­vict him if he is charged. The police­man is damn lucky to be alive.That thing between the woman“s leg caus­es men to do a lot of stu­pid thing with out think­ing. But please don’t give away our free­dom because the thing that women have is not in prison and some you, cant take it there with You so a man must use their brains to think before act­ing on impulse.

    The police offi­cer is stu­pid to go to the man’s home and sleeps with his wife.

    • They r both lucky it could have turn out difer­ent but thank god is only wound­ed is not the man is the woman man is dog some of them shes the one whoes mar­ried and bring the man in her mar­i­tal home him should have fling her and the man out and slam him door unless is her house

      • This is so sad…if d solid­er want­ed 2 kill him am sure he would. I don’t think d sol­dier should spend a day in jail n for the police offi­cer am glad he is alive…but the law should change imme­di­ate­ly n fine a way 2 lock up d all roun­da wife…both Male n female mek d sex organs rule dem to much.…#Free sol­dgie.…!!!!

        • The sol­dier should be giv­en a gold medal instead of being charged. Hope when it’s all over he will throw that female garbage into the trash

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