Just In Case You Thought This Degeneracy Was A Thing Of The Past

Paul Congemi

A Florida may­oral candidate’s racist tirade went viral after he told a group of activists to “go back to Africa” dur­ing a may­oral forum in2017.
According to local report­ing, Long-shot St. Petersburg may­oral can­di­date Paul Congemi made the com­ments while address­ing rival Jesse Nevel, a white sup­port­er of the social­ist Uhuru Movement, which seeks slav­ery repa­ra­tions for African-Americans.
“Mr. Nevel, you and your peo­ple, you talk about repa­ra­tions,” Congemi said, accord­ing to video of the out­burst. “The repa­ra­tions that you talk about, Mr. Nevel, your peo­ple already got your repa­ra­tions. Your repa­ra­tions came in the form of a man named Barack Obama.”

This dis­gust­ing piece of germ-infest­ed fecal mat­ter epit­o­mizes the fact that racism is a degen­er­a­cy of the mind. A sick and endem­ic lev­el of low self-esteem which caus­es the vic­tim to feel good about him­self only by debas­ing oth­ers.
It is a dis­ease which attacks the intel­lect, or should I say it is a dis­ease which finds fer­tile ground in non­in­tel­lec­tu­al brain-space. That space is usu­al­ly found in Caucasians, the last race to emerge into the light of civ­i­liza­tion.
Someone ought to give this imbe­cile a few class­es in real his­to­ry, not the (his-sto­ry )they have con­coct­ed and per­pet­u­at­ed over the last sev­er­al hun­dred years. One which once again is in and of itself a clear sign of their low self-esteem and lack of ele­vat­ed intel­lec­tu­al matu­ri­ty.
Lies, false state­ments, mis­in­for­ma­tion all intend­ed to feel good about them­selves, at the expense of oth­ers.
Their ascen­dan­cy into the light of civ­i­liza­tion has been the bane of human­i­ty. Their con­tri­bu­tion has been death, theft, mur­der, and war across the globe. They have tak­en sim­ple cre­ations like gun­pow­der cre­at­ed by the Chinese, and weaponized it into a weapon of mass destruc­tion.
They are the only ones to have used an atom bomb to kill mil­lions of brown peo­ple despite the fact that both the first and sec­ond world wars were start­ed by them, Caucasian Germans. 

Should I go on, or has this inbred been edu­cat­ed enough?
Oh, by the way when they came here our ances­tors were long here, three hun­dred years before they arrived.
We had trav­eled to India, Australia, and places they nev­er dreamed exist­ed. They thought the Earth was flat, these imbe­ciles believed they would fall off the edge of the earth if they ven­tured too far away from their European caves.
[Christopher Come-Rob-us] wrote about it in his jour­nal. He thought when he arrived in the Islands he had land­ed in India. The fool was lost, hence his nam­ing it the [west indies].
Nevertheless, their crim­i­nal intent was imme­di­ate­ly evi­dent, they decid­ed­ly laid claim to places they arrived at, where they were greet­ed and wel­comed with kind­ness.
Unfortunately, the hos­pi­tal­i­ty and gen­eros­i­ty of brown and Black peo­ple would be repaid with bar­barism, inhu­man­i­ty, decep­tion, and sav­agery. From the Caribbean Islands to the tip of South America all the way to the shores of Africa
the ances­tors of sav­ages like the one above, demon­strat­ed that they can­not be tamed and should nev­er be trust­ed.
They have hon­ored no hand of friend­ship, respect­ed no out­stretched hand of kind­ness. They have hon­ored no treaty or agree­ment to which they have attacked their John Hancock.

There needs to be an edu­ca­tion cam­paign for these inbred low IQ for­mer cave dwellers. But before that hap­pens we as a peo­ple must first know who the hell we are.